Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Losers in The Economy Tsunami

Honesty becomes credibility

Only Greedy people lose money and freedom eventually, like some of the CEOs in some of the firms!

Only Honest man could survive in the storms.

In Hong Kong, the rent is too high, the houses are too expensive, the salary of the people is too high!

If the orders drop >30%, no one could survive... The only way is to cut off direct expenses by say pay reduction by 30% seems the only way or we have to lay off!

So be a happy man as if you are not greedy, nor rich... you still have a job! Some one who loves you! Your beloved are with you. You are probably happiest man in the world!

You should be glad that you have found that there are numerous way to make your life more fruitful... more joyous.

Being poor is not a sin, I am proud of my poverty as I have never cheated anymore a dollar! Someone called me idiot, but a idiot sleeps soundy.

when I lie down in Bed, I count " one, Two, three" ZZ Z Z!

When I count "Four", it is morning already!



Anonymous said...

did you hear the joke, people asked mardoff "where do you learn the investment scam" Mardoff replied " Social security".

fever said...


I did not hear about the joke!
But I guess that somehow there is some one who believe it as they are greedy!

And somehow when people is greedy, anybody can create another new type of investment scam!