Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lai Shi

Due to poor Financial Situation, one of my wives had to go to work since Aug 2008. actaually all of them has to work!

She works as a Helper in preparing some Thai noodles in A Chinese restaurant Castle Peak Road. At least she can help to pay for some of the bills. As I really do not know when I will lose my job!

for many reasons that no one coudl expect!

Well, I am positive to the attitude of works though my workablity is far below the company's expectation!

She goes out to work at 0540 to catch a bus and comes back at 1800. Reahing home at around 1900. 4 days for resr per month.

In these few days, most of the Customers have given her Lai Shi!

She was very happy as not just of the money inside as that may be 10 to 20 Dollars, It does show the Chinese Tradition of " to Give is a blessing than to receive!"

She feels great as she feels being repected with a Lai Shi, she may be simple woman, who gets to stay with a Sophisticated man...


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