Saturday, June 6, 2015

MTR Hong Kong

These are the nicest people we can find on MTR, then you know the character of HK people.

They have not time enough to do things they have to...

They are feeling good about the lovers, who cares!

They are about to launch the Summer outfit for HK Fashion.

We can see FlyMan in HK!

Interesting people, interesting HK, interesting MTR!

HK Snob

Monday, May 12, 2014

Be Honest

Be Honest
Even If other are not
Even if others will not
Even if others Cannot

A nice slogan for reminding people who does right thing from the heart!

HK Snob

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A nice Place for staying after work

This is a nice place to stay, yet in the centre of the city, but a bit far at the end of the street that no chaotic noise of the city would bother you too much.
16 th floor as the Penthouse, having a full length swimming poor that has the same design of the Singapore Sands hotel.
A nice night view could be seen at four sides or the house, a brand new hotel that Opened on 24 Jan.
City Celebrities including movie star, Mayor and HK Watch Fever was there to taste the food from the renowned Romulo Cafe restaurant.
I am planning to stay there for sometimes… well, nothing is impossible, not this is something likely…
Affordable when I get the Mark Six . Rent is about USD$20,000 a month! I am a sales, I may turn it down to USD$15,000!
HK Snob

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bad habit

Annoying Body gesture

1. Making nuisance noise with your pen, coils, glasses during a meeting

2. Shaking legs whilst eating

3. Shaking the table or chair during a Dinner

4. Kick someone seat behind in a Cinema

5. Tell the story of the movie in a cinema whilst people could listen.

6. Talk on handphone in at a meeting

7. Picking nose in public

8. Yell and yawn in front on your colleagues.

9. Eat with food in the mouth while talking at same time.

10. Loud enough to let people 20 M away listen on your mobile phone in a train.

11. Fart at a meeting still be the first one says “WHO?”

12. Keep telling to friend how powerful he is in bed with girls in public… I bet 80% of these people are impotent.

13. Have all the above bad habit!

HK Snob

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Future of Hong Kong

1. Globalization that driver all business going into severe competition.

2. All products go for Low cost and Super Good product quality or cannot survive.

3. Longer Life expectancy forces people retire later, lesser opportunity for younger generation for going up the ladder.

4. No Way to buy a house as paying debt seems become our destiny.

5. More people will lose the job as we are losing competitive power.

6. A Fresh graduation from University is now being paid the Salary of a Secondary School graduate

In the 60’s

7. There will be no land space for house, Country Park, or sooner cemetery will be converting into public housing.

8. Shanghai will replace HK and Tokyo as the Far East Financial Centre by 2024.

9. 40% of HK men is now having marriage with China Wife and this rate will grow, however, as a consequence of China One Family one Child policy, there is 118 Man Vs 100 women as the new borne baby, HK people is seriously going head to head competition with local Chinese Man…

10. Forget about 2017 Direct Election for Chief Executive of HK as it will not change HK or HK people life in any aspect. As whoever being elected will remain a puppet of The Chung Nam Hoi Administration.

11. Occupancy of Central Will prone be a Disaster. That will ruin the internal image, jeopardize the business of HK, create more hatred between Government officials and the certain people of HK.

What We should Do!?

Stay Calm and watch for opportunity.

Real estate price will soon drop in one day to reasonable level, still beyond the ability of the middle class people could possibly afford.

Keep sharping up ourselves, do whatever we can, explore all opportunity to make some money, Consolidation of Money, funding for small business.

Go for the new Business by internet media earlier.

Thinking of smaller real estate investment item in 3rd tier city in China to start with as it is still low…

Work 130% harder more as we are now.

HK Snob

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hong Kong MoonCakes

Mooncake is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching, when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy.
Mooncakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals. In fact, mid-autumn festival is 2nd important festival , after Chinese new year.
Surprisingly , Korean would celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival like HK and Taiwan,  and In Korea They will have holiday on 17-19 Sept, 19 Sept is the Mid Autumn festival and It’s a HK Public Holidays.
A rich thick filling usually made from lotus seed paste is surrounded by a thin (2–3 mm) crust and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs. Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea.
The caloric content of a mooncake is approximately 1,000 calories (for a cake measuring 10 cm (3.9 in)), but energy content varies with filling and size. We cannot eat too much every time.
Price of Moon Cake common in HK is from HKD$140-HKD$300, of course there are more expensive one up to thousand Dollars. But comparing to those Chinese MoonCake that Sold at a few Thousand RMB (USD$600) or more, that is another case, This year the new Chinese State will ban the Sales or Mooncake as a bribery which commonly happened in the past ten years.
Maxim, Kee Wah, Wing Wah and Hang Heung is the most four Famous Brands the Maxim introduces low sugar filling, White lotus Seed. I am Fuddy-fuddy, I still can not appreciate those Ice-cold Moon-cake they’re made for Kids!
Lotus Seed is said to be one of the most mysterious Seed since early days of China, We had found one Lotus Seed that was 1,000 years ago and we can grow it by extraction from it DNA, this trigger the scientist and doctor to study Lotus seeds that may contain the secret of Life Rejuvenation.
So I hope after you have eaten the MoonCake, you could be the years young and more attractive.!
HK Snob

To the Shoplifters in Singapore, Beware! The punishment is Extremely harsh!

I don't know if that is a Singlish, or typo, or angry staff of the Parklane Mall posted this on the wall,
Shoplifters Will be prosecuted! but in reality, they are written this way. LOL!

Singapore Snob

Saturday, August 31, 2013

German Labor Mininstry has banned emailing out of office hours

Germany labor ministry has banned managers from calling or emailing staff out of hours except in emergencies. The ministry says the measure is intended to prevent staff from suffering undue stress by being constantly on call.

Daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Friday that the ministry is following the lead of major German companies such as automaker Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom.

The newspaper cited official guidelines stating that no staff should be penalized for turning off their cellphone or failing to pick up messages after working hours "to prevent self-exploitation."

It said managers were also being urged to refrain from calling staff while on leave but out-of-hours contact was permitted "in exceptional circumstances."

WOW! This is really a Developed Country practice. As in Asian, those customers is expecting you to reply his their email on 24 hours basis…. That is a really a pressure to our after-work life, no wonder some of our colleagues dropped dead on his computer!

Hope that Hong Kong would be learning from the civilized country, however somehow someone would standup and say, This will jeopardize the Hong Kong economy and reduce it competition power in the Regions!

HK Snob

Friday, August 23, 2013

HK Survivors of Manila hostage Crisis Sue Philippine Government at 3rd anniversary of the Horrible incident

HK Survivors of Manila hostage Crisis Sue Philippine Government

Survivors of the 2010 Manila hostage crisis and families of those killed sued the Philippine Government on 22 Aug to demand an apology and compensation. A day before the tragedy’s third anniversary,
Tonight Nat Geo will have a special program to show on this crisis, and that could recall the anger of the People of HK on that bungled rescue operation. That took eight lives of the Hong Kong People. The Whole world was watching the Rizal Park hostage Drama.

The president Aquino has expressed regret and admitted the crisis should have been handled better, but refused to apologize when the victim’s families travel to the scene of the incident in Manila in 2011.
However, the Philippine government has apologized for the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by the coast guard.
The moral of the story is..,
HK Government ex CEO Ronald Tsang and current Executive in Charge CY should do something to enforce of the Philippine government to respond to the victim’s family’s request.
Only sending Black Tourist Warning every time when I land Philippines could not be enough to classified as ACTION at all!
At least to give family member a justice, Taiwan, on the other hand is doing much more beautifully!
HK Snob