Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twisted Tongue

Title : Twisted Tongue

Gill had a twisted tongue since he was about 15 and that problem became more and more serious as he grew up. He thought that he could improve by practicing his way of speaking but in vain. He just graduated and was offered a job of salesman in GM retail shop for car promotion.

He went back to the University to meet his professor seeking for advice on his speech problem and he was told to see one of his medical practitioners, Dr. Smith, who is a famous surgery in town.

After a lot of tests and consultation, Doctor Smith told Gill that he found that the way he spoke was caused by a tense and stiff spine muscle. He also found that he has a giant sex organ that has an abnormal massive and heavy weight pulls the spine muscle and the muscle for his throat. Whenever he stand up and speak he could hardly speak normally. So the doctor suggested cutting off half the length of his penis and he can keep it in the fridge at a low temp., Smith has confidence this is a solution to his twisted tongue…

Gill was concerned that in future, he may have a compliant from his girl friend…then what can he do? Dr. Smith said with the latest technology, he can always put back the last portion of his sex organ in a simple operation! He offer a lower cost for such an operation fee.

Gill thought that he would come back in a couple of days and tell Dr. Smith to go ahead with the operation. With his new way of speaking, he worked better and talk to his client fluently and he did hit a car sales record in two months!

But on the other hand, he was complained by his girl friend that he hardly could fill up her physically in bed! She warned him of separation if he could not improve his sex performance!

He could not stand that any more and decided to come back to see Dr. Smith for asking help…not ruling out to put back 1/4 of the length back on him as an optimization between his sex life and job!

He came to Smith‘s clinic. And met him at the reception.
“ Good Morning Smith!” Gill said..

Smith answered “ Good goood mor morning! Gill Gill...What what can can can I I do...

30 Aug 2008

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