Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swimming Against The Current

This is the one I had mentioned for many times....

This is the performance of the past three monthes; right at the darkest time in 2008 after the burst of Lehman Brothers issues in Oct. 2008

Well, it keeps on rising from 11 dollars till yesterday of 14 Dollars... already gained 27%!

So this is my dream:

in year 2011 Mar the laregest Bank will be staying at HKD180.00 a share

This stock "Build the dream" will be around HKD 108.00 a share.

This world largest semi conductor equipment supplier will be around HKD 98.00 a share

Then in 2012 One of the US top three car manufacturers "F" company will acquire the "Build the dream" and the value of the share rised from HKD108 to HKD198.00.

The dream continues...

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