Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I went to take dinner in Chiu Chow garden at Tsuen Wan… in the First Day of the Chinese New year of Ox.

I had got a chance to watch out a man nearby table;
He is aged 51 looks as if he is close to 60, wearing a red Chinese cotton-padded jacket which is only be worn in Chinese New Year. He had some grey hair His overall appearance is even more slovenly than usual. His round spectacles with faded golden frame was on. Uncut Mustache that gave him a shabby outlook. Judging from his professor appearance against and his deed later on made me drop the mallet.

He sits down and the stewardess placed his plate, bowl, chopstick, chop stick rest, tea cup in front of him…
Then offered him tea pot with type of tea he ordered.
Well, he was quite released and alone. He used the tea to wash all the utensils, from top to bottom for how many times I could not remembered, and eve the chop stick rest was cleaned. We are aware as this is a general hygienic precaution to clean the utensil before Chinese Dim Sum or Chinese Food after the SARS. But I have not seen anymore so much enjoying cleaning the stuff, at the end of the cleaning process, he wiped the bottom of the pate with the napkin, He took more than ten minutes to do all these cleaning job with two pots of hot water.

The he waited for his order, a plate of Chinese wide rice noodle deep friend with Beef.

Well, I do think that this is one of most extreme guy that I have ever met, I am sure he is sicked.

He should be Single, and no girl friend or friend of opposite sex as I guess no one who like to share the cleaning mysophobia with this gentlemen.

He probably earns a lot of money. I guess that he may work as a professor or some kind of teaching profession. He may have very special character that no one would stand him, as there is seldom to have a single man of that age to go to eat in a Chinese restaurant on the first day of Chinese New Years.

I have gone just about as far as I can go with this man. Lucky by time his plate of noodle was served, it was time for me to leave.

Well in Hong Kong we have a Chinese Saying, “One type of rice to serve one handfed types of people”

What I am trying to say is that we can go extreme for everything or there will be hard time for us and that may not be good to us too.

PS, Pig is a kind of animal who loves cleaniness more or less same as Human Being!


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