Friday, January 30, 2009


The three steps to a success of enjoying Life!

50-60% people with major diseases
4 major diseases: Diabetes, Heart respiratory diseases, cancer, mental diseases
3 major causes : Smoking, bad food selection, no exercises!

In order to manage your wealth start from the acquiring of knowledge on health.
Then to plan and work on a Health management programme…
With the programme, you can control your right attitude to health, manage your EQ which is the other major factor to ensure that you body is both physically and mentally fit.

Most of parents are more or less has the different life style as we are having and our younger generation will have another life style of what we have been experiencing.
If you do not see the need to change, then you will be falling into the traps that will inevitably cause your life or health.

In our parent life, they have to eat a lot as who knows when we would have the next meal, they did more exericse than we have as we did not have the life, elevator, MTR…etc
We pretty much rely on our feet to move from one place to the other, so what we eat will be accumulated in our body in the form of fat.

Whenever I ask people to go for Hiking, I could expect these are the excuses:

I am tired, My wife doe not allow me to go, I have to work, it is family day, I could not wake up so early, I have to attend child’s parent day, I have to go on trip next week,
I slept very late, my running shoe is broken, I did no have time to make up, he is having his period!

I had rather feel easier to have reply ”I am Lazy!” as the implication is Same!

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