Friday, January 2, 2009

How does the bank earn money?

Smart people uses OPM ( other people's money) to earn money!

To get loan from Bank may be one of the ways of OPM, as it is very difficult to save a good chunk of money to start your business.

We have to rely on some funding vehicle or extenal financial supporters like Banks. Unless you have a very good idea of commercialization on your product, or an invention that may be big potential in marketing it without the need for funding! Which is rare!

We have to get the loan from the bank, after the LB Castastrophe. The bank will try to earn more by increasing their management fee on all kind of bank transactions!

Hung Kung bang has already inceased the mangement fee starting today!

So this is a response to what I have metioned about the Bank poster 2 days ago!

每天騙取血汗錢, 惡魔勝在錢搵錢!


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