Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hong Kong Lost 8 Innocent lives because of a Botched Rescue attempt in Manila

The Manila hostage crisis happened when a dismissed Philippine National Police officer took over a Hong Kong tour bus in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on August 23, 2010. Disgruntled former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza, from the Manila Police District (MPD) hijacked a tour bus carrying 25 tourists from Hong Kong in an attempt to get his job back. He carried a M16 and a pistol as his weapon. The Local Philippines tour guide and driver was released by Mendoza and that may carry a serous racist act on People of Hong Kong or Chinese.
As a result of the ten-hour siege, the ensuing shoot-out, and a botched rescue attempt by MPD watched by ten millions on live television, it took away hope for peaceful returns of the four families! Instead, they were killed cold blooded because of the incompetence of the Manila Police department.

Eight of the hostages and Mendoza died and nine other people were injured. The Hong Kong Government then immediately issued a top-level 'black' travel alert for the Philippines. The assault on the tour bus to rescue the hostages was widely regarded by pundits at home and abroad as 'bungled' and 'impotent'; the Philippine government had promised to conduct a thorough investigation, which they would report to the government of Hong Kong.

On Sunday, 29 August, 80,000 people went out the street wearing dark shirt to carry out demonstration to express the anger, disappointment on the Philippines dull bewilderment of rescue! We deserved a proper report on the incident, an official apology and action plan to prevent such tragedies to occur again!

HK Snob

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Most Beautiful and Picturesque City St. Petersburg

Whilst Moscow enveloped with smog and heat, St. Petersburg, 600km North of the City was about 28 Deg in the Afternoon and 22 Deg. in the morning. It was such a cozy, comfortable weather comparing with Moscow last week.

We felt that we are living in the 18th Century... See those historical buildings and the statues! Those picturesque street and building reflects Russian people's esteem, talent, artistic design.
HK Snob

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wildfire in Moscow

The Moscow Wildfire enveloped the City, the blanket of smog is an acrid, choking haze that is hazardous to our health. I am afraid there will be flights divisions a the International Airport. The pictures shows the same picture from the window on Monday and Today.

HK Snob

The Hottest Moscow in last 150 years

After so many years, I had a chance to visit Red Square and the landmark Rym Department store which is just 5 minutes on foot away from one of my customers.

The weather is very hot and in fact I had experienced the Temperature of 41 degree C in Moscow Train station!. That is the Highest in the past 150 years in Russia!!

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