Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ring Tone!

Have you ever heard of digital noise which some one has classified as their ring tone?
Well, Some body's music, some body's noise. I really do not understand why there is such kind of Hi technology audio amplifier built in the hand phone of yours, there isn't good pleasant music is able to be reproduced by the hand phone? I can hear is digital noise only!
I do not know if that is because of limitation of the size of the loud speaker, the owner of the hand phone had been set for a maximum volume of the ring tone or our technology is still far behind to reproduce the sweet apprealing anlogue music! I guess that is the technology limit as of today! As there is some kind of compromization between technology and commercial market!

Anyway, the user is addicted to the love of their favourite singers song to be their ring tone with millions of down load of such song from the hand phone providers and web site a month.

And, I am sure before the next generation Anlogue Like music reproduction can be made on the hand phone. before that technology comes, we have to continue suffering from these noise keep going on in the train, bus, restaurant, Elevator, rest room, court, hotel and office...!

Well, My favourite ring tone is Bert Kaempfert's Strangers in the night, Blue Moon and Afrikaan Beat.

Edmundo Ros's Spanish Gypsy Dance and Isle Of capri.

Herb Albert's Spainsh Flea.

Van Macoy's African Symphony...
They works fine on my N95! Not too much digital as I use the hand phone to record the music produced directly by my Analogues system with Vinyls as the signal source!
Digital Audio is not better than Analogue in term of the end result and Sound quality.
Digital signal is a means of tranformation of signal or data into a simplified format for easier and faster transmission! That is good for computer and image processing. as they have high immunity to noise!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be happy man, Days in Chiang Mai!

I was stranded in The Hotel in Chiang Mai due to shut down of Bangkok airports.
It was a bit stressed whenever the TV is switched on, there are only tow news, Shut down of Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi Airports in Bangkok and the Mumbai Murder that had 160 killed and wounded 327 inhured. And the siege is still on!
So there are all bad news, terrorists mad acts, Economy Tsunami, Shut down of Thai airports,
I also worry my wife, my daughters, my families in Hong Kong and Thailand...

I should go out the city and breathe, walk and do some sight seeing, whilst I met one Australian couple in the lift and asked how was their feeling, they said they enjoyed and they could spend a few days more for sight seeing in Chiang Mai!!

I have toured around the whole city for about 12 Km and stopped at a few places : Warorot Grand Palace, Wat Phra Sing, Wat Sam Phao, Tha Phae Gate...


latest news from CNN, 187 killed including 15 foreigners, 17 Policemen, 350 injoured in Mumbai Siege!
Fever, 29-30 Nov 2008 Sat. Chiang Mai

Friday, November 28, 2008

Company Culture

I had a good friend Mr. Yoshihiko. He told me that whenever he went to a restaurant, his first intention was to go to the restroom for an inspection on the cleaniess, the facilities and smell the "Aroma" of it... That will probably indicate how good the restaurant and quality of its food.
We used to go Chow Ka Chong in TST at that time, That is a Hak Ka Restaurant served decent food!

The Tiny Restaurant had fulfilled every of Yoshiniko's taut hygenic requirement! And of course, the food was superb too!

However, after the SARS in 2003, that Restaursant was shut down forever!

When I was in Bangkok I notice that the new Suvarnabhumi Airport was built with a lot of elegant rest rooms, and they are well-maintained to have a scent of narcissi.

Imagine what it will be if we can lie down on sofa, a cup of Coffee in a rest room!?

HK Snob, 28 Nov 2008 2300 Fri.

A Stay in ChiangMai

Though there happned some choas in the capital city Airports, I was in Chiangmai, I had a chance to go and tasted my favourite Thai dishes of Curry Crab and Baked Clams with good friends from ChiangMai and our colleagues yesterday 26 Nov 2008.
The shop is running by a Hong Kong man who spoke Cantonese with me, the food is classified 90% Chinese mixed with 10% Thai Sauce made of minced green chilli, suger, vinegar and some fish sauce.
The price is affordable about 2,700 Baht for 7 persons

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Penang Stuff

The Sexy Lazy cat in front of the Hotel Lobby.
The First time I saw a Pawn Shop in Penang!
The good and the bad: 1111 and 1664!
The smoking room in Penang Airport.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Osram Ostar LED for Automobile Head Lamp

With its integrated shutter the new OSTAR Headlamp LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors simplified optical systems.

It emits clearly defined light with high efficiency without the need for further external shutters.

The high-power LED is now equipped with one, two, three, four or five chips and can be used for all imaginable automotive headlamp designs.

Different illumination patterns and lighting scenarios can be created. Instead of the usual silicon encapsulation a glass cover bonded to the frame protects the chips. It also prevents scatter losses.

Depending on the number of chips arranged in series the OSTAR Headlamp LED produces between 125 lm at 700 mA (one chip) and 1000 lm at 1 A (five chips).

The enormous brightness from an unchanged power rating of 12 W results from improvements in the chips themselves, the converter and the package.

Thermal resistance for the five-chip version is around 3 K/W. “Development work is continuing of course”, said Peter Knittl, Head of Automotive Marketing LED at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. “We expect there to be a continual reduction in thermal resistance to a much lower level than at present.” He is also convinced that over the next few years there will be further drastic increases in brightness.

Different lighting scenarios. A high-precision shutter integrated in the glass provides a clearly defined beam pattern on the road without losing light, as was the case previously with mechanical shutters. Compared with conventional solutions the mounting depth is also significantly reduced. And the glass cover itself makes the LED more robust.

With a color temperature of 6000 K the light color is very close to that of natural daylight.

This makes driving safer because drivers do not get tired so quickly. What’s more, oncoming drivers are not dazzled because headlight manufacturers can design the bright/dark transition areas with great precision. Different lighting scenarios can be created, such as high beam, low beam and cornering beam, by combining different chip configurations on which lenses can be mounted. Compared with classic HID projection systems, which emit 35 to 45% of the light produced, the LED solution emits 10% more.

With a life of 10,000 to 20,000 hours, LEDs also outperform conventional solutions and in fact generally last longer than the vehicle itself.

Extracted from Osram website

Monday, November 17, 2008

This happens in Hong Kong

Man carries a handkerchief to work- 0.001%

The youth that offer his seat to old woman in MTR- less than 0.01%

To take a casual Sick leave on Monday especially the last Monday in the month as not to waste the "quota"- common but I do not have data.

Rush to clock in in the morning and immediately slow down the pace to work afterwards-90%

Hold the "Door Open" button for you to leave the lift , wait for a fraction of second before push the "Door Close" button- 0.001%

Properly following the traffic light when crossing the road- 0.1%

To tell what nationality of Chopin, Beethoven and Bizet- 0.0001%

High School student to tell you the Capital city of USA is New york-50%

High school student to Tell you The Capital City of Canada is Vancouver -50%

Colleage student to tell you the longitude and lattitude of Hong Kong - less than 5%

Youth to have her hair changed colour -70%

Youth to have his hair changed colour-20%

Man of age 20-25 to name Three Korean car -<10%

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture in New Sealand

This is one of the pictures I like , it was taken by Wezel when he traveled in New Sealand.

She is a mysterious lady and everyone wants to see who that lady looks like!
My be she is a James Bond girl!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Innovative Products

These are some of the prototype product, BMW Gina, Nokia 888 Handphone, NEC tag
Nokia Aeon, Skylift Oryx bike, Sprout Umbrella...etc
What is the next Handphone function and new feature you can think of:
Altitude, Humidity, Temperature, barometer, Compass and Wind speed indicator
Blood Oximetry meter
Glucose content tester
Body warmer or heater
Cancer Cell destructor
Dating Machine
Egg cooker
Electronics Copying Machine
Electronics hi power magnifying glass
Emergency signal and beacon for plane crash
Fuel battery operation
Laser Cutter (007 tool)
Laser face and skin toner
Location tracer and checker
Micro wave oven
Mosquito repelling
Muscle relaxer embedded
Presenter with laser pointer and Note book control
Projector for small room presentation and DVD movie projection on wall.
Shoe polisher
Toxic Analysis (007 tool)
Traveler Iron
UV bank-note checker
VISA card, Optopus card, passport, ID card container
Finger print collector

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Funny Sign Board

I am sure the gentleman is a good leader in Sunny Town.

Model 1996

These two pictures were taken by me using Leica R6.2 100 Leica F2 APO lens on Kodak PJA film.
Taken in the McLehose Stage 10 1996

What do you do after retirement?

This is probably some of the places that I will go, I have never had time to visit the beach for the past 10 years!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Funny Translation

I really don't know how much a foreigner would understand?
Obviously this is one instruction of warnign lable of the most famous brand for sport goods!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Found Vinyl 09 Nov 08

LA4 Concord Jazz, direct to disc Just Friends, Japan 1979.

LA4 Watch what happens, Concord Jazz, Japan 1984.

LA4 going home, 1979, Japan Jasrac

LA4 Just friendsmm USA pressing 1978.

LA4 Live at Montreux Summer 1979, Made in Japan.

LA4 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte 45 RPM, 1977 Japan.

LA4 Watch What happens Concord Jazz, 1978 USA.

LA4 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte 33RPM, Direct Cut 1977 Japan.

Sanata moonflower Live 1976 2LP Sets, Printed in CBS Japan, including hit Black magic Woman, She is not there!

Sanata Festival 1977 CBS Japan pressing

Teresa Teng Rare Promotional Single 45 RPM X3

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trail Walker 2008


Trailwalker, originally an endurance training of the Gurkhas, is an annual fundraising event organized by Oxfam Hong Kong. The route is the 100km MacLehose Trail which runs in an east-west direction through eight country parks and about 20 mountains in the New Territories of Hong Kong.
Through the years, Oxfam Trailwalkers have raised over HKD220 million to help disadvantaged people in Hong Kong and poor people in Asia and Africa.

Being a member of the society, we have to do something for other people who really need the money to build their own way of living.

Oxfam is always emphasis to help the poor to have their own farm land and their own seeds to plant the corns, and to support themselves to make a living.

I think that is really means a lot when we walk along the trail. Every step counts and every step brings new hope for those people who are suffering from poverty in the other side of the World.

Since 2000, our Company had been doing this regular hiking and participation for Trailwalker, it seems that we do not much improvement, in fact we are gaining a lot of speed in the event. And we have a tremendous progress through practice and practice.

We have trained up 6 teams for sending for 100KM Trail walking on 7 Nov. The Weather was key factor that would determine how many teams that can complete the 100KM Hiking! Well Our Company’s 6 Teams could all complete all 100KM. This tells everyone in the company "Can Do" Spirit!

This is my 8th time to participate. This would be a memory to tell my daughters and sons how important and meaningful for me to support the society and how our company brings up this culture since 2000. Next year will be our Company 10th participation and I really do hope that we can further extend our support on this largest fund raising campaign to help the people who needs.
If you have not participated the experience of Hiking through eight mountains from East to West of New territories, you should train up yourself and start planning to walk with us on Trail Walker 2009!

I met Rosemary at the store support point at Chang Sheung whilst she was buying soft drinks,
Couple of minutes later she ran away. She was much attractive than in the magazine. She could finish within 24 hours with her team mates!

My team record is 35 hours!