Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Can We Do in this Depression?

What can we do in this Economy Tsunami?

Seems that we can helpless and there is no way we can mark our vision for the next 4 quarters. A HK successfully business tycoon who has worked from a in 1970, slow from a mediocre business man, gradually gaining wealth by investing in Real estate…

Now probably Lee is the richest family in Hong Kong.

He has word for us” Conservative” and aim at a Stable Cash Flow, he has accumulated USD 21B with 70% in cash!

Second insight is that he puts emphasis on Quality of product, not just the sales revenue…
Every unit of his product is classified the best of its kind.

The strategy is not to keep you alive, not just simplifying the production flow, but to keep up the best value that you product could provide for your customers…

When business comes, you would be the one to get the golden opportunity to get the profit because you our got the best product on hands!


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