Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet and Sour Pork

This is one of my favourite dish, any probably the mots popular recipe in fast food restaurant.

However, there is not so many people who can cook well on this. My mother can cook good one, but I can not ask her to cook all the time as this is tedious task to prepare for this dish!
They should prepared with attitude using the right ingredient. As this is no a expensive recipe at restaurant, but all it takes a a lot of effort!

The pork should be 30% fat and 70% meat. Kaw, white Vinegar, brown sugar...

So far I have not tried a very satisfactory one, but this was some kind of surprise that I took this in a MongKok Fook Yeun Restaurant some time before the Chinese New Year.

The restaurant was right on top of Mongkok MTR station exit to the Bank Centre.

But day before Yesterday, I went there for Dim Sum!

Probbaly they have no Dim Sum masters in the Chiense new year, the Dim Sum was a disastrous!


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