Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hi Fi maniac and Music Lover

There are debate between Transistor and vacuum tube.

There are debate between CD and Vinyl

Between Thiel and Harbeth,

Between Rockport and Tannoy!

Betweeen 1944 WE300B and 1955 2A3,

Between Mark Levinson LNP2 and No.32.
Nevertheless, these things are made for purpose of music reproduction.

A Malyaisan Hi Fi dealer Sunny told me: well if you can not hear the difference between the Vinyl and CD under the same artist, and title! Congradulations! you do not have to bother, go ahead to enjoy you CD... forget the turntable!

The ultimate happiness and satisfaction is from enjoying the music through the media no matter transistor, vacuum tube, $47,000.00 for a power cable, or a 40 dollars China made 12AX7 Vacuum tube.. so long if you find the happiness... that is OK!

Human is insatisable and Audiophile people used to go further for pursue high quality music and sound reproduction through the upgrade of Hi Fi system. Do not go into thie commercial trap!

as I can say that in 1970, the world has created the best of music recording system, and the world best reproduction sytem... 1970 till now, we are just trying to fool ourselves around in packaging the music recording formats 8 track, CD, DAT, DCC, DAT, Mini disk, MP3....changing the amplifier, loudspeaker in such a way for marketing it for different kind buying levels and need

The end result is same: worst that those music could be rerpodcued in 1970~

if one had experience Hi Fi for more than 40 years they understand this game.

I see a lot of people changed his loudspeadker every year, well, he can not find the best the loudspeaker can reproduce the music as normally a new loudspeaker requires 500 hours for run in.

If you listen 6 hours a week, the loudpseaker is till harsh when it is sold to the second hand shop!

The next buyer will be the beneficiary of your loudspeaker!
A see some people who has 100 dollars value of Hi Fi equipment. but 1 dollar of LP or CD!!
Well, I saw one music lover Kelvin, his equipment is 100 dollars but his CD collection worth more than 200 dollars! He has a good ear for Hi Fi audition!


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