Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cartridge collection

This are the cartridges I have and I am going to tell their difference and performance per cost.

Denon DL-103R - Cheapest with best prformance wih value USD380.00 in 2007.

Audio technica ART1 - Very balance overall performance USD650.00 in 2000.

Denon DL-103GL - Brighter in Treble than Dl103R and tighter in bass USD580.00 in 2003.

Clearaudio Gold Finger VC2 Diamond- I am using it now, still no question about it dynamic and

surprise it gives you the quietness, response and warmth, just if more sweet Mid will be closer to perfection- USD8,000.00.
Kiseki Agate- very good in trebre and 90% resembly the Koetsu in Mid and bass USD4,200.00 in 2001
Denon DL305- The best track follower and truely honet cartridge as I have been listened to his at least 100 LP- USD600 in 1988.

Koestu Rosewood Signature II - Woooow, the mid and tight and energetic bass is no one can beat it- USD 3,000,00 in 1997.

Denon DL103SA limited, I bought it in 2007 at USD780.00 I gave it to John Curl recently.

It was new and never been used.

As for Lyra , I heard about the Panansises, very expesnisve and good, But I could not afford to buy on ein 1997, now may be hard to find a NOS.... It was selling USD2,500 in 1997.

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