Friday, January 2, 2009

Sales man and an annoyed customer

I met a Hi Fi shop keeper, when I asked about how easy the FA (Focus Audio) floor stand two way three unit loudspeaker, he said that “ If you do not know how easy to drive a FA audio loudspeaker, it means that you are idiot in playing HI Fi, you have better break all you Hi Fi unit at home and stop playing it anymore….!” He spoke seriously and not a joking tone!

He is a man of about 35 year old… so my conclusion is:

He wanted to bluff people and his customers to show he is a supreme Hi Fi expert.

But My comment is: he is not a good salesman, I am sure I have played, listened more than he did in his life.

I have used 4 Turn table, 10 cartridges, 15 amplifier, 20 pair of loudspeaker, listed to over 5,000 Vinyls and be seated for many live classical concerts …I have started to build my audio equipment in 1969. 40 years ago! I know some electronics and all circuitry, I am not too serious audiophile, but I spent about 10 hours a weeks for music.

I believe I know what good music is…and all this is not important!

He broke one rule: do not wack your customer with in-appropriate words

He did, and I said sorry and left!


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