Sunday, March 7, 2010

K11 and The Chinese Restaurant

New K11 Building has been fully in operation, one of the landmark for Hoi Noi Road , Tsim Sha Tsui as some of the apartments on 59 floor is sky roaring at a price of HKD$70,000 a square foot! Who Can buy? it s a good question to me...

The Hyatt Hotel is there and The Chinese Restaurant at the 3rd Floor is the new kicken for Cantonese food and food lovers in that Area. Since the close down of Dynaty, the manager told me that they Have the best Char Siu in Town!

Really? its char siu using more fat than those at Dynasty, a bit sweeter, tender and dark burned a bit to create the unhealthy though the die hard Char Siu Fan will love as a piece of sligtly over burnt Roasted Pork.
With our comment of all the freinds, it is the top of the class, is it No. 1. Well, we have to see if they can maintain the quality consistently.

We will see, pricewise is simialr as Dynasty, you can have a bit more space, the last table at the end of the room gave me a feeling of being HOME for dinner...

You you stop by, you can make a reservation and least the Signature dish Roasted Chicken was really very Good!

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