Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Business in Bad Economy!

After most of the people money had been evaporated 60%, there is a need for some of us to find another source of cash to settle the Credit card payment. Unless you do not have any credit payment.

If you have HKD30,000.00 unsettled amount under Hang Kung Bank VISA account, if you pay for the minimum payment every month, under such an interest rate of 33% propably you need another 30 years to clear off the debt.

A friend of us had an monthly income of HKD20,000 you know he has unsettled Visa payment of HKD400,000.00! I do not see any way he can settle it... So Simpson Brothers, AU Finish, DBX or Chu E financial company could be the untimately winner...for your properties

Do not forget , all these company can EASILY loan you more for helping to settling the VISA...

But do nto underestimate the terms and condition for how many years and how much you have to pay them every month....


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