Monday, January 26, 2009

Memory Of Yao Ming, One Of The Greatest Composers

The news that famous composer Yao Ming succumbed to a stroke on March 30, 1967 shocked the music world. Particularly millions pf his fans in South East Asia and other part of the world.

Yao Ming dedicated his whole life to music in his short life. During his thirthy years before his sudden death, he had written thousands of songs, many of them which including Second Spring (Ding Dong Song), enjoyed world wide popularity.

Yao Ming never attempted to hide his less fortunate youth. Claiming with virtuous modesty, that contributed to his success.

However, those who knew him, are emphatic that Yao Ming was a man gifted with talent so indispensable to be a composer. Borne in Shanghai in 1917, he settled down in Hong Kong in 1950.

He worked for recording and as well for filming industry. He won three times awards for best music at Asia Film Festivals. His extensive tours of Asia, America, and Europe helped to keep him abreast with the ever-changing world trends in music.

He is one of the very few composers who could create such a large numbers of popular songs ranging from Chinese, Classical to pops, from Western folk-songs to up-to-date beat music. All well known singers in China, Hong Kong and many parts of South East Aais, who knew him personally and were in fact grateful for the valuable guidance given them.

They were unanimous in acknowledging that Yao’s death was a great loss to the music world, Yao Best known songs collected in this album are Sung by Tsin Ting, well-known Mandarin singer and one of Yao’s Disciples.

According Tsin Ting told me, she made this album in 3 days only, and at that time, this is considered long, well, she mentioned that the best song she sung was Lover’s tear…

She was paid for HKD4,000.00 for this album…. That was half the money for a flat in Hong Kong at that time…

This twelve songs are :
Second Spring
Lover’s Tears
I love Cha Cha
My Lonely Boudoir
Kiss of Spring
Always waiting for him
Three years
Si Si Li
We met too late
Ding Dong Twist
My feeling
The Song of the wood

What a romance to listen this album" The Golden Hit of Yao Ming", this is first day of the Year of Ox, I listened this album once more…

To show the respect of Yao Ming and the greatest Mandarin Singer Tsin Ting.


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