Friday, October 31, 2008

Heck Sing, Lastdead and Drown Jones

There is certain peoples who is borne to be rich, because there is the DNA to be rich.
The Characteristics of such DNA has the following special ingredient according to Chinese Palmistry.

The Man’s Palm is thick and smooth.

The Woman’s leg is smooth and the veins are hidden under the marble like smooth muscle! This is so called borne to have a golden key as the Chinese says!

They had MBA degrees in Harvard or an Economics degree in some famous University.

Then come back Hong Kong and work either in their parent company and become CEO at an age of 26 or 28 latest…

They started running the magic to double the revenue of his company either by acquiring with some other company which does not needed to be a good company. Or to invest heavily by mean of accumulators by means of just a few phone calls

Nothing is wrong and nothing is right, from right to wrong or from wrong or right.
Some how people invested on Lehman Brothers mini bonds and found that the value is diminishing in one day with value close to zero.

The bank and the Hong Kong Momentary authority will be paying huge handling fee for the fatty lawyers… using of course the tax payer’s money of poor hopeless-no-one-would –like-to-care-about- Middle class people like me…..

The old Chinese saying greediness will lead you to poverty! Well, some time it is hard to resist the temptation and some how we will not advise people not to go into this hot inferno of money creation by stock and gambling.

The worse case if many mid to small scale companies are not running their core business, but pouring the bank loans into to the stock market or speculate into real estate.
No one wants s to be the last one to lose, and everyone is expecting he is the first few ones to win. Investment and speculation is different and I said that the one to get profit is investing and the one go broke is a result of speculation.

Do you want to be the winner of investment? Buy a memorial anniversary gift to you wife.
Set –up a romantic dinner with you beloved and celebrate her birthday
Buy your daughter a watch on her first day to new term
Buy a simple dinner with some reasonably good wine (Laffite 1937) with you good friend like Fever.

That is a memory that that people would treasure it even after years. The value is not able to be reflected or measured by Heck Sing or Lastdead or Drown Jones Index…

HK Snob

Peter Principle

The Peter Principle is the principle that "In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." While formulated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull in their 1968 book The Peter Principle, a humorous treatise which also introduced the "salutary science of Hierarchiology", "inadvertently founded" by Peter, the principle has real validity.

It holds that in a hierarchy members are promoted so long as they work competently. Sooner or later they are promoted to a position at which they are no longer competent (their "level of incompetence"), and there they remain.

Peter's Corollary states that "in time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out his duties" and adds that "work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence".


This is my favourite Breakfast

This is my favourite breakfast.

A bowl of rice congee that has been boiled for 5 hours, soft and tender, thick and warm.

A Chinese Rice Noodles rolled on deep fried crunchy fresh Yau Tchai Kwai...

And a glass of panty hose milk tea with full aroma! The best-of-it was having the breakfast with someone very special!

Jaywalking in Hong Kong

These are the dangerous move I saw in Hong Kong during my walking to Office.

We have two senior managers being caught red handed right there at lunch time.

No need to defend and they have to pay HKD2,000 as fine.
In Hong Kong, there is high percentage of accidents which happen right on the zebra crossing!

Due to some brutal rushing people who desparately making their way to cross the road wthout any consideration to himself, the drivers and other pedestrains and passengers in the car!
I hate to see this, altough the Government is doing a lot of advertisement to promote traffic safety, seems there are a lot of victims dead on the road s because of carelessness and jaywalking!
31 Oct 2008 0200

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cha Chaan Teng Culture in Hong Kong

Cha Chaan Teng happened to be appearing in Hong Kong in 1940’s, That is a fusion type of restaurant of the Chinese old style street side Dai Pai Dongs.

Their Business bloomed in the 50 as a the manufacturing class people swelled its population as migrants from China.
Typical and popular one representing their best of them are:

Lan Fong Yuen est. 1958
8a.m.-8p.m., 2 Gage Street, Central Hong Kong Island
Famed for his Silk Stocking tea, strong brewed milk tea

Kam Fung Café’ est. 1956
6:45a.m.-7.p.m. , 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai Hong Kong island
Recommended dish
Gai Pei Chicken Pie
And Po Lo Bao Pineapple bun

Mido Café” est. 1950
0900 a.m.-0930p.m., 63 temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Must Try
Kam Lo Wun Tun (Deep fried sweet-and-sour crispy Wontons)
Yeen Yeung Cha (50% tea 50% coffee)


Double Good Restaurant Penang

This is a budget restaurant, the quality of food is comparable to Fong Yuen in Penang!The Stewed Pork Rib is superb, and The Tou Foo is tasty... three of us had 6 dished with rice...
Guess how much, RM80.00 only!
Double Good restaurant
26 Japan Tun Dr. Awang, Sungai Nibong Kecil, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang
Tel: 04-6434188, 012-4080412
Recommended for normal dinning! Of course, if you want a bit more on class, or you need to entertain your customers, you may consider May Garden Palace!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Noodle in Penang

These are various types of Wanton Noodles available in Penang.

1. Wanton in soup and plate of noodles served separately

2. Wanton with some deep fried pig skin and wanton in soup

3. Deep dried wanton served with noodle

4. Plain wanton on noodles, chicken meat

5. .....

I am trying to study all types of Wanton Noodle in Penang and share with friends in Hong Kong.

I accidentally found the so called Prawn noodles was fantastic favour! Probably I like going with Chille, that is a great bowl of hot spicy prawn noodles...

And most of all this Wanton or prawn noodle is RM2.50 approximately HKD6.00 and USD0.70!

Comparing with Hong Kong, a regular Wanton Noodles is HKD14.00-16.00 now! Too expensive!

Well, when I was young, the cheapest Wanton Noodles was just HKD0.30 with three pieces of Wanton made of prawn and some minced pork.
That was 1971. Now the Wanton Noodles has been changed with just prawn and no meat at all.
I am prefer to have the old fashioned noodle.
More complexed and extended taste of pork and prawn! Now a bowl of 5 Wanton Noodles cost us HKD16.00 which is 53.3 times more expensive after 37 years!

Kam Chin Too

Kam Chin Too is a kind of Cantonese food which I really like, I had a chance to eat in Sun Po Kwong of Hong Kong, To To Koi in Macao and this May Garden Palace in North Penang Road of Penang.

They consist of a piece of Barbecue pork, a piece of roasted pig liver, and topped up with a piece of transparent fat of 4mm thick! However this is my first time to have Kam Chin Too to be served with some young ginger slices...
This is a great taste surpassed those I had tried in Macao and Hong Kong. There is not so many Hong Kong Chinese restaurants still serving this delicious dish.

If you had a chance , try to eat some... do no afraid of the thick layer of fat. It is good to your health if not everyday!

May Garden Palace Resturant
(wholly owned by Sunrise Perspective Sdn Bhd.) (482674-D)
70 Penang Road, 10000 Penang , Malaysia

Tel (04) 2616435, 2616436 & 2616806
May Garden Palace Restauran is just beside Cititel building.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hiking on Tai Mo Shan

This is a hiking on Tai Mo Shan...
It is Almost end of Oct, but still had a hot sun punishing us on the trail to the top of the hill!
I did find that was hard time to crawl up the concrete road at the last up hill portion to top of The Hill.
I had a cramp on my both thighs from top of the hill running down to the BBQ camp area at the car park!
Probably I really have to sleep earlier instead of spending too much time on Blogging at night!
Our next Big Challenge is the Osfam Trail Walker held on 7-9 Nov.!

Little Tweak, Big Gain

This Voodoo called Magician.
The Magician improves sound quality from your system – Amp, CD player, Turn table and loudspeakers

How to use?
The Magician is simple in use by placing one under each foot of all apparatus

Basic Set-up
A basic set up for The Magician is to use one under each speaker and one under
Both your primary signal source and your amp.

How Many you need?
Though it is highly recommendable to use The Magician on all parts of your set up –and under each foot. If two products are on top of each other, The Magician should be placed underneath the lower product only.

Place the Magician with the gold plated side towards the floor/shelf, as to ensure
electrical contact to the surface. For electronic equipment place The Magician where the mains input is located first. For loudspeakers choose the inner placement to have more focus in soundstage, and outer placement to open up soundstage. If you place more than the effect increases for each added Magician.

If you by this mean everything that is not well documented through measurements, then this is certainly voodoo. On the other hand then voodoo also applies to most other disciplines within hifi.
The Turntable
The recent test done on my system was to place under one of the four stands on my Linn Sondek LP12. And the theory is that the tiny vibration will be absorbed by the Rubber on top of the magician on one of the supporting stand of the turntable. The Rubber should be adjusted such that they are no hard compressed! I used only Two magicians only. The Rest three stands were solid swiss wood block supplied by Ayre!

The Magician and the rubber pad combination provides a more dynamic, open and harmonic soundstage with more details and space between voices and instruments! I do not have to upgrade my system with this small trick!

As My friend Meng Ee said: little tweak big gain!
The Rubber pad was supplied free by Meng Ee who bought from Holfi, Magicians were obtained from Sunny Of Wisma Audio in Penang! The total cost is around USD100.00!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Somewhere in Time

This is a great touching movies that most of the people aged 48-60 should have seen it, I have seen it twice in Cinema, and a few times on disk and NOW TV. I remember that Palace theatre had been showing this movie showing more than 5 months...which may be the record in Hong Kong!

That is a beatful movie and I am sure the Jane Seymour was so attractive and so much helpless when she lost Richard in the Movie all in sudden when he took his Coin from the Pocket....
The Theme music was a hit for some years after the movie in 1980.
Some time this is always a pleasure to enjoy this Vinyl, it brought more imagination than just watching the movie...
I have the local verison and orginal US issue.
Side 1
Somewere in Time
The old woman
The journey back in Time
A day together
Side 2
Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini - Piano Solo: Chet Swiatkowsky (Rachmaninoff)
Is he the one
The man of my dreams
Return to the present
Theme from "Somewhere in Time" -Performed by Roger Williams

Christopher D'Olier Reeve (September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004) was an Amercian Actor. before portraying Superman from 1978-1987

On May 27, 1995, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in an accident during the cross country portion of an eventing competition. He was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He lobbied on behalf of people with spiral cord inhuries and for human embryonic stem cell research after this accident. He founded the Christopher Reeve Foundation and co-founded the Reeve-Irvine Research Center.
Reeve died at age 52 on 10 October 2004. Reeve married Dana Morosini in April 1992, and they had a son, Will. Reeve also had two children, Matthew and Alexandra, from a previous relationship with Gae Exton. Dana Reeve died of lung cancer in March 2006.


Hiking at Shing Mun Reserviour

It was a bit too busy to afford to go for Company outgoing day yesterdsay for Disney Land but I had a great time to go for hiking with two special people. That was not a real hiking to run, just leisure walk along the trail from Shing Mun Main Dam up to Lead Mine Pass then returned through the same trail back to Shing Mun. We had a great fun and chat!
Started at 0745 and ended at 1215.
18 Oct 2008

Plasitc Newspaper Reader

Plastic Logics has been developing with e-ink for this new technology of newspaper or book reader.

This has a very good environmental effect as there is no more need fpr huge demand for pulp and paper. Millions Tons of tree will be prevented to be cut for the printing industry!

The Input can be USB, WiFi, Blue Tooth and will be manufactured in Germany Q1 2008.

However the cost of likely close to a Note Book PC, and there is big question on how easy that can be read throught the reader, Battery life and Colour display techology will be an advantage in case I consider to buy one... Watch out for this new technology to come.


Washing Hand Day 15 Oct

15 Oct is assigned by UN as be World Washing Hand Day for the promotion of cleaning of hands as to reduce the transmission of diseases. A Report reveiled and show that there is still 25% of British people does not clean their hands after the visit of loo. From some statistics of surveying 409 passesnger from the South heading North on the train in England starting Newcastle. There is a hig risk of tranmitting Diarehea and other diseases from one to the other.

From what I observe from the habit of Hong Kong people in a lavatory:
1. 30% does not use soap to wash their hands

2. Less than 10% of the people wash their hand with soap and tather your hand for more than

20 seconds

3. A lot fo people does not dry their hands and hold the door and wet the knob!

4. A lot of people shake their hands after washing and the water may splash onot your face!

5. Less than 1% of the man carries handkerchief to work

6. Some even does not wash their hand at all!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to invest after LB went into Bankruptcy?

How to invest after Lehman Brothers is in fact an insight as a trigger from Peter Lye on 10 Oct 2008. Peter wrote an article on whether the financial meltdown could be a result of mainly a regulatory failure? He would like to study this cause by examining some the of events in the past that could have contributed to the melt down and whether there was possibility in averting this crisis by having the right party or economical system could make a break glass warning early enough. He is a free market proponent, plus Milton Freeman and Alan Greenspan are the economic gurus that we admire much of their comprehensive opinion and action to advise the public through their professional suggestion.
However, the happening of the recent events has leaded us to think of the insufficiency and inadequacy mandatory regulation and to implement administrative control by the central government giant on the free market system. Being a helpless citizen and a trivial tax payer, what can we do to counteract or to protect the deprecaition of the properties upon the current unstable Hang Seng index that can drop as much as 2,000 points a day!!

Recalled that in the 1973 that the Hang Seng Index dropped from 1,700 points to 400 points in a couple of days, and then rose to 700 points, This is the critical moment that people was becoming insane and started a bold investment by selling his house and pumped into this crazy stock market. Most of the people killed themselves alter after the Hang Seng index dropped from 700 to 150 points…..

I hope that an abnormal case will not happen again! However, no one could imagine that the one of the world largest financial company Lehman Brothers could broke in days after 164 years! The history of Lehman Brothers parallels the growth of the United States and its energetic drive toward prosperity and international prominence. What would evolve into a global financial entity began as a general store in the American South.
Henry Lehman, an immigrant from Germany, opened his small shop in the city of Montgomery, Alabama in 1844. Six years later, he was joined by brothers Emanuel and Mayer, and they named the business Lehman Brothers. How can tell that there is not possible that the world largest bank could also gone broke in weeks due to mishandling or fraud!?

I have always believed of tangible kind of properties something that you can see it and hold it…kiss it!

Like Diamond, Gold, Platinum, Antique, a Vantage car, watch of limited production…

So if I had 100 millions, I would like to divide them into following investments.

Fixed deposite 4 million each in a 2nd largest bank, 3rd largest, 4th and fifth., I do not trust the largest bank, usually there is 80% of chance the smallest back go bankruptcy for smallest and 20% for the largest bank!

Buy a house in Mid level of size reasonable big such as 2,000 square feet or above 60 million. Check see if they are haunted or not and check if they have any bad history of the previous owner. Buy in cash. Do not buy those house at the seaside ad one day the Tsunami will erase your house away in seconds…who knows?

Buy an Aston Martin DB5 HKD4.5 millions and make it a commute care to work…Yes, your boss will hate you to the bone as he may be driving a German mid sized car or a Japanese Toyota! Doesn’t matter! He will not fire you!

Buy a Patrek Philips tri-complex perpetual calendar with split second chronometers at 5 Million. Wear it to the Dinner and or party with Miss Pretty!

Buy Andy Warhol’s Mao Tse Dong Portrait, oh! sorry I forget to tell you that you do not have the money enough as Joseph Lau has bought it with HKD75 Million 2 year ago! Forget it as he too rich to sell!

Ok may be you can consider buying all the TAS Vinyl LPs…you may have enough money after you spend this for 0.75 million! It is considered Cheap if you able to tell all your vinyl friends and collectors that you have a complete collections!

Consider to Margaux 1900 0,75L … make it one case it may take you 20 millions. Open one bottle a year after 2030, make sure you are healthy and long life enough as Robert Parker does not recommend you to drink before 2030. If you are 50 year old today, you can just finish all 20 bottles by time you are 92 years old! Just the same age as Wong Wing Hing (the richest man in Taiwan) who died at age of 92 yesterday! Old man marries with young wine! (not wife!)

Still have some cash?…. Leave some for you to make an appointment with some of the prettiest movie star….for a romantic dinner….in an elegant restaurant in Hong Kong Island… that may need a million dollar or a decent gift like a piece of pink diamond of the size of a peaunt!?

Wake up … wake up …Face with the reality that you have just 338 dollars in your wallet! How can you survive as you still have to wait for another 14 days for the pay to come!! and you have to send cheque to pay for the bills!

Opportunity Calls

A man with a gun goes into a bank and demands their money. Once he is given the money, he turns to a customer and asks, 'Did you see me rob this bank?'
The man replied, 'Yes sir, I did.'
The robber then shot him at his head in a temper, killing him instantly.
He then turned to a couple standing next to him and asked the man, 'Did you see me rob this bank?'

The man replied, 'No sir, I didn't, but my wife did!'

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heaviest Rain In 100 years

7 June 2008, we had experinced the black rain warning and had received 10 inches of rain in just one morning, whole Hong Kong was shut down for one day due to the rains. The next day 8 June, we had a hiking in Lantao island, started to find how serious the rains it was on the Friday!

Ka Lok Bing Teng

Ka Lok Bing Teng is a small restaurant situates in Tai Uk Street of Tsuen Wan, It has been there over 30 years and had been renovated last year.
They start business at 1100 and immediately has a queue in front of the entrance.

The famous dish are:
Beef noodles
Chickken wing noodles
Egg Omelette and Sandwich
Tou Foo in soya sauce
Milk Tea
The size is huge as one omelette can be served for two persons!

Bon Appetite!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Table manner Started from Father

Being a Chinese, I am ashame to tell you that I still can not manuplilate the chop stick properly, I just found that Leica has the same problem in proper using the chop sticks, I have to blame my self not able top bring her up. I respect my father... Who had been spenting a lot of time in teaching me how to use the Chop Stick. Terry, a friend from USA, had a time to have dinner and Lunch with me three weeks ago, Surprisingly, he could use the chop stick better than I and my daughter...Leica!

Back to table manner, I am so serious on my family member to stick to the basic rules, which was a heritage from my father who was a tough teacher in coaching us on table manner.

I have been dinning with a lot of friends, colleagues and I was not surprised to see at least 30% of the people does not understand what common table manner is... I mean coommon one! Common mistake such as eating with too much noise... and talking while food is stuffing into his mouth...well, as like father like son...From hat he is doing on the table, I can see how his father would behave!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Civilization Through Communication

There are trends in using different wording to describe people of limited capability.

The very first common word is "Handicapped", then a few years , we used another word "Disable" which seems to be more appropriate but "Disable" is not a noun, hence later on we apply " Disable People". Now it seems that we are moving to new term " People of limited capability"

Another common words which does not show any respect at all in Cantonese intrgretation:
Gwei Low- Devil foreigner
Ah Cha - Indian
Hak Gwui - Black people
Bun Mui - Philippino woman
I hope more and more pepole will start to show respect to other races living in Hong Kong and the visitor coming to HK to show our courtery and civilization!

Stop using these words auch as Gwei Low, Ah Cha....

BMW in Hong Kong

The topics does not mean the famous German car maker...

That is a kind of common people we can find everyday on MTR, in a restaurant, and in a


They have one or more of the following characters:
1. They do not know what they are speaking too loud.
2. They are interested to see you are intersted on what she is talking to her friends over the mobile phone and or friends beside her about nothing but something less important that requires to talk in a public area!

3. They would like to see in surprise to know how much her hand bag would cost... and she will talk about it on phone to disclose the price tag to you soon... don't worry!
4. They usually have a pop song ring tone that will annoy you 100% as you know we are Analogue freak! Any MP3 of digital "music" in low sampling rate can be classsified as "noise"!

5. They usually think that they are pretty in her eyes... not necessary you eyes... in fact usually they are not having that kind of charms you think. make sure you do not stare at them for more than 3 seconda or she would cry for" Help"!

It is harzardness to stare at a unpretty owman in Hong Kong unless you would like to be slapped or hang yourself in jail in yhe months to come!

6.. You can find numerous samples in every day ride from one point to other on MTR!
This may be the good reason to buy a BMW for work commuting.... As to avoid to meet the BMWs (Big Mouth Woman)!

Three "5" man in Hong Kong

What is three "5" man in Hong Kong?
1. If you are over fifty.

2. If you are having an amount of HKD500,000.00 as your annual income

3. If you are 5 slow: eye, ear, brain, hand and foot!

Then you are being highlighted as on the black list under the admininstration dept ..of course this is more or less a "Classified file". The Economics Tsunami has been started, and the Admin. manager is trying to make her /his performance to remove some of the Three "5" staff in the company as the next cut job operation. As to protect their bonus...!

Man, I am one of them! in fact I am worse than Three "5"...guess what!? see attached picture!

Three High Hong Kong Woman

Three high Hong Kong Woman has the follow interpretation:
  1. High Salary

  2. High Education

  3. High age
Well, imagaine that if one has an annual income of HKD3,000,000.00 per year or more, would she consider herself a house wife with an average engineer of having 1/10 her income...?
No! and recently I saw a net dating of an attractive lady to some tycoons in Wall street with a marriage proposal.
Her requirement is annual income min. USD1,000,000.00, aged group of 40-45, and she is two high, educated and pretty in her late 30's , pretty is not the word to describe, but may be sophisticated and that age group in my mind of "pretty"!

There is a reply saying that "Hey sweetie, in the coming year to come, my salary will be double each year, and your charming will be depreaciate 50% in every year as you get aged, you will be nothing after another 10 years!" this is really discouraging but to certain extend, for a woman, have a pretty appearance and beautiful body does not mean she is good enough for being a wife for some of the higher salariy people! But a new verison of Movie " Pretty Woman"!

This is the reflection of the actual cases in Hong Kong... those 3 high will be staying alone as they might enjoy their status... not willing that some of the other "inferior" man who would marry and dilute her properties and the wealth she is possessing.

Have you noticed that there are more and more tables of women of three to four in TST classy restaurant every Friday.... they are more or less this kind of celebrities...!

Man, we have to go to China in case we want a supper pretty and talented lady as wife ... in the three years to come, after that we have to consider another places in the other part of the Earth! Or another Planet!

New Purchased Vinyl Sep-Oct 2008

These are some of the Vinyl I got from Yau, Sonata and Paul recently!