Saturday, January 3, 2009

I took Helicopter to work everyday!

Once I had to travel by helicopter to work every day.
I worked at Penzoil in 1983, they had a oil exploration rig in Western Oil field in Hai Nan Island.
We stayed in hotel of Tsam Jiang.
I had to fly by helicopter to the oil rig everyday!
I was a Radio Officer....

The pay was HKD10,000.00 a month!
I still remember the Job interview took me 25 minutes in New World's Penzoil office!
He was GM of Penzoil, very nice gentleman who asked me my experience and my expectation, then confirmed me with the job immediately!

At that time a house of 700 sq. foot was only HKD140,000.00!
If I work a year I could buy a house, but I did not...Did I miss the boat?


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