Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to refuse the telesales calls?

1. I am at the meeting.

2. I am in the loo, can you call me after 10 minutes, or SMS your phone contact to me

3. Shhhh! I am at midst of presenation...

4. Well, I am broke, if you want to send me money, this is the account in Hang Sank Bank

5. Sorry I am going to make a bungee me 5 minutes later!

6. I am diving at Virgins Island, my handphone is not a waterproof version, please send your pitch by mail to my address; No. 1, Heaven Rooad, Hong Kong.

7. I had just been laid off, can you arrange me to have a job in your company?

8. This is not my handphone number, belongs to my colleague Peter Pan, his is at the meeting, Can I take the message?

9. I'm on board the Air Force One, I can not take any calls!

10. I am in the control room of USS Natutilus, Call me after I go surface 2 weeks later!


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