Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yau Char Kway

Yau Char Kway
This Crispy savoury fried dough chan be consumed plain or dunk in coffee, plain congee, , goes with Soya milk or wrapped by Cheon Fen so called Char Leung in Hong Kong. or A must when it comes to Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yau Char Kway has a long story which started in Ancient China when honourable and much-liked general was framed and put to death bu some one called Kui. In a show of anger and hatred, the folks deep fried and ate flour effigies of the villain giving rise to Yau Char Kway which means deep fried “Kui” (meaning Villain in Chinese)

Yau Char Kway is one of my favourite good especially in the morning. The Cha Leung goes with the peanut paste and sweet seafood sauce.

Now in the recent 8 years, this is already able to be served in a decent Chinese Restaurant as one type of Dim Sum. Beofore this type mof food is classified Daai Pai Donn food which is in a sense cheap food, not supposed to be servced in Chinese Restaurant!

Note that the food comes with Peanut Oil, Most of the restaurant of Dai Pai Donn does not replenished with new oil peridically as this is the cost, in Cantonese way of cooking we call this kind of oil Man Nin Yau (Ten thousand years oil) which is proven not good for your health. CANCER!

And when I inhaled some of the pungent favour of the oil, my body will tell me not to stay closer with it…

Anyway, go and eat with a restaurant or a Responsible Daai Pai Don…


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