Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mose and Hercules for Linn LP12

Recommened by Friend and genius of Hong Kong. An Inventor the Motor control for Linn LP12.
I got one full set of Mose and Hercules from him and immediate work for the upgrade on my Linn.

Orgnal Linn Lingo Power supply and motor controller is too expensive for me to afford, used one is almost HKD9,000.00

This is much cheaper to own and immediately wanted to know the result. Actually I used one LP and two NOS vacuum to trade with Edmund!

This morning, I did test for quite a few records, the result is positive:
more separation between low, mid an high audio frequency, means a clearer presenation of the LP music. More quiet than befor means, that the depth of the music is increased.
And we can play wiht my super power cable now...more fun will come!
I can also play my 45 RPM collection LPs with a touch of the button now and it was a nightmare before the upgrade.

Highly recommend for the Linn LP12 lovers!
The Mose and hercules is a Five Star Audio equipment... Good value for money!


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