Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Health Tips

Drink a glass of warm water once after you have wake up before you brush your teeth.

This will remove 90% of your potential illness!

Hiking or at least have three-five hours sweating a week.

A German Scientist studied that the marathon man does not seem to have Cancer at all. The reason is due to they sweat. And most of the toxic can be removed through the sweating, The speed of removal toxic substance like Lead is 15 times more effective for Sweating then urine..
Sweating more can improve our skin elasticity.

Carry a bottle of water with salt of approx 0.5 spoonful for 2 L of water
After hiking, do not take bath immediately, wait for at least 30-50 minutes
Retain a practice of stretching after and before any exercise and or hiking!


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