Monday, February 23, 2009

How Do Men Change?

The Love Word:
After 7 weeks: I loove you, I love you, I love you!
After 7 months: Of course, I love you.
After 7 years: GOD, if I didn't love you, then why did I marry you?

In Chow Tai Fook Gold Smith
After 7 weeks: Hi sweetie, whatever you like, I will not hesitate to buy for you!
After 7 Month: I am sorry, my card is faulty!
After 7 Years: Please take out your gold chain, it time to sell, the price is good today!

Back from Work:
After 7 weeks: Honey, I'm home!
After 7 months: I'm BACK!!
After 7 years: Have you cooked yet?

Phone Ringing:
After 7 weeks: Baby, somebody wants you on the phone!
After 7 months: Here, it's for you.
After 7 years: ANSWER THE PHONE D*** it!!

After 7 weeks: I never knew food could taste so good!
After 7 months: What are we having for dinner tonight?
After 7 years: Fried Egg Again?

New Dress:
After 7 weeks: Wow, you look like Zhang Zhi Yi in that dress!
After 7 months: You bought a new dress again?
After 7 years: How much did THAT cost me?

After 7 weeks: Baby, what would you like us to watch tonight?
After 7 months: I like this movie.
After 7 years: I'm going to watch PIRATES play, if you're not in the mood, go to bed! I can stay up by myself!

Making Love:
After 7 weeks: Baby, once more?
After 7 months: Let's make a baby, it is good for tax reduction!
After 7 years: Please MOVE over to your side, I'm suffocating here!!!!

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