Sunday, February 1, 2009

There is a pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Hongkongers have been named the most pessimistic in the world. An annual poll ranked Hong Kong the Gloomiest, along with Iceland, just 12 months after it came first in the global ranking for optimistim.

Sixty-seven per cent of residents said that the believe this year would be worse than 2008, in the poll carried our by information group TNS and Gallup International.

This time last yearm 71 per cent felt optimistic about prospects for the coming year.

Lan Kwai Fong founder Allan Zeman said, "People are nevrous. People are afraid, However, it is time for everyone to pull together stay positive and help one another face this tsunami. We' ve faced problems in the past and overcome them. I do not think there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and Hong Kong will have a much righter future."

Hongkongers are forgetful, nervous, money-minded, having street smart, hard working people. One day they are optmistic and pessimistic in the next morning. Sometime this is a good element for making them rich. But also these are the the points they they wll lose money in stock market easily, HS index drop more than the Dow Jones in these past 6 months is the proof.

Hong Kong People is supertitious but I do not expect to put my fortune in a new year good wish
request at Che Kung Temple on 3rd day of the New year by Mr. Lau.

I have rather rely on my hands, that is more or less accessible!

Like the 33 ways to make a better life in 2009 some time I mentioned last week!


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