Friday, February 20, 2009

Eneloop N-SCIS Solar Charger Works in City

. The name of the equipment is “Eneloop Solar Cell Charger N-SCIS”.

This new type charger can work on our roof along with Hybrid Car Solar Panel as user friendly and safe. We can use this charger to charge electronic devices such as….

Eneloop Batteries more than 100 times. We can charge our hybrid batteries within 2.5 Hours because the energy, which is generated from the solar power, is quickly transferred to the Enloop Batteries.

We can easily move this equipment to the direction of sunlight.The device features a USB port capable of a DC 5V and 500mA output. It takes about 6 days for the internal lithium ion batteries to reach a full charge in order to charge your cellphone, PSP, MP3 player and iPod.The designer of this Solar Power Charger is Sanyo Via.

There is some kind of similar product in Ap Liu Street Recently selling at about HKD100.00

Believe this kind of product will replaced the NICad Rechargeable Battery in two to three year time and the price will drop to HKD20.00- 30.00.


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