Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enhance your strength and Manage your weakness

This is a tradition way to ask your speer to tell him his weaknesses and do all the best to improve them! but some how this is tedious and may not get the desired result.

Some how we should stay away from your weakness and emphasis on your strength. It is natural to ask a man of 5 feet 2 to peform board diving and is a dump encourage to ask him to go for 100M Free style swimming as he is too short for that, On the other hand he is 100% built for for board diving.

Tiger Woods os not as good as his grass on his sand performance, he knows and keep his time for grass and it is not worth to spend time on sand...

It is a time wasting for me to learn Mandarin as my tongue is not able to twist and it is better to ask me to speed Japanese or Thai .... and I have spent 4 years learning Japanese. More than 20 years picking up Thai, but I did no spend much time in real learning.

So my key points are , do not spend time on your weakness and rather aimming on your strength improvement, that will be more fruitful!


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