Sunday, February 8, 2009

Latin Ala Lee

This is an Exceptional best of the best LP if you like vocal of Peggy Lee, who nrings her own special warmth to a song, it takes on a fresh, new glow.

Here she adds fire to twelve great songs that are already brilliant as only Broadway hits can be.

Capitol full dimensional Stereo recording, re-issued in 2003 on the recording between 1959-1966.

Side One


On the street where you live

Till there was you

I am in love

hey there

I could have danced all night

The surrey with the fringe on top

The party's over

Side Two

Dance only with me

Wish you were here

C'est magnifique

I enjoy being a girl

From now on


Sweet happy life

My Favourite is Heart and Hey There!

Because of this good recording, I have bought three, one for listening, one for collection and one for sales! Hmmmm!


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