Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Qualification of a Playboy

First of all, I need to declare this is not concerning about me, and I am not that kind of Playboy , playman, or playuncle at all.

This is just what I learnt from experience that a real playboy should behave.
1.Has Charisma
2. A Gentleman, be tender to the womanbut not the type like Jane Fonder, Jane Wong, Kung Li or Julia Foster.
3. Never be punctual when have date with the lady, you have to be late at least 20 minutes!
4. Buy no flowers on 14 Feb, this is not your style as most of the common people does. He can offer this stupid but appealing gesture of friendship every day on the rest 364 days!
5. Always offer some new surprise on you presence to her.
6. Always keep the rule; to date with the most sophisticated lady, beautiful one as they are easiest to be picked.
7. Have multi-talent: at least you know how to drive a super car, can swim 10KM in 2.5 hours
Run 3 Km in 14 minutes, Push up 300 time, stay under water for 2 minuets without any equipment. Can walk up 1,000 stairs in 10 minutes. He can ride a boat, Chopper and jet plane.

8.. He know some Wing Chun, Karate, Judo, Takekondo, Tai Chi, Hung Kuen and Muay Thai.
9. He has to be the first to quit the affair with any woman.
10. He will not store up and phone number of the woman should be the first one to call him.
11. He does not have to be handsome, but he has to be having a firm abs and ass!
12. He does not have to be very rich, as most of the time, the woman will pay!
13. Whenever they go hotel, the woman make the choice and pay for it at the end of the night.
14. Whenever they need some food, he can cook!
15. He knows wine of all kinds
16. He can play some magic
17. This is not the size, not the length, all depends on how many times he can make it rise.
18. His can pick up a chopstick using his tongue!
19. He should not have any children.

Well, Guess from all your friend, who can have all this requirement fulfilled?
There is only one who I know can fulfill all these items except No. 19.

Guess who?


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