Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Golden Rules for Playboy

1. Erase all SMS, phone contacts before you enter your house.

2. Never carry any 3G handphone, any phone with GPS function. Disable the GPS position location function on your Nokia N95.

3. Do not keep and ticket, bill, receipt for the expenses you made for some one.

4. Do not use Credit card for hotel, purchase of gift at shop like Tiffany, PP , AP Cartier, and Gucci or LV.

5. Keep a sun glasses as this is a way to stay away from your relative or family member in public.
6.The most dangerous place is usually safest. Date at the nearest restaurant at your house, it is always easier to explain in case you are spotted dinner with some one she saw: insurance agent, friend’s wife met at restaurant, Golf club stewardess who knows you…name it…

7. When you are caught red hand in hotel lobby, no worry as you have had made pre-arrangement with best friend of your saying that she is his suspected mistress; you were paid to track on her movement.

8. Keep your mind sharp for memorizing all phone contact. Is best, or using man’s name as for hers stored in your hand phone. With PIN locking all the time.

9. Keep the handphone in your vicinity even you go to bath room, as your wife would check you handphone.

10. Check for hairs, lips stick marks on your jacket before leaving a hotel or restaurant back home. Clean, remove it or even destroy the clothe if necessary, precaution is needed.

11. Office hour is the best time for dating as partly you can be avoid for suspicion and moreover you still have a few hours to keep your energy charge up for next home-event in case being requested!

13. Date in Church, court, Funeral house, the pleasure craft, the peak or overseas is safer.


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