Thursday, December 31, 2009

One more day to 2010

Tomorrow will be 2010, Twenty-ten,

There has been some sort of argument on how we should describe 2010…. Twenty-Ten, Two Thousand and Ten or Two-o-one-o?

It should be Twenty-Ten accorign to BBC. Anyway, it is last day of 2009. People will gather at Time Square, or Tsim Sha Tsui awaiting for count down about midnight. The Road will be jammed in Tsim Sha Tsui. I had no plan to go as I may use this day to review what have I done and what should I plan to do in 2010! Most of all , I am looking forward to see that this Twenty-Ten will bring Prosperity, peace and harmony to Hong Kong. I use to have Time with me...especially the December issue.

The Person of the year

1. Ben Bernanke – Man in control of American monetary

2. General Stanley McChrystal –Top US Soldier

3. The Chinese Worker – The members of the World's factory

4. Nancy Pelosi – Highest Ranking Woman in U.S. History

5. Usain Bolt- The World Fastest man from Jamaica.

Business Deals

1. Warren Buffett’s Smart Goldman buy nets some $3B

2. JP Morgan Chase skips Dodgy CDO’s stay solvent

3. Tiny BB&T Bank shines as bigs go bust

4. Buffett Makes all-in bet on U.S. Railroads

5. Ford stays in Detroit’s driver seat

Scientific Discovers

1. 4.4 million-year-old fossil Ardi, our oldest ancestor yet

2. The Human epigenome decoded

3. Gene therapy that cures colour blindness

4. Adam, the first robotic scientist

5. Tank-bred tuna

6. H2O on the moon


1. Motorola’s Droid: the iphone killer?

2. Bames & Noble’s Nook Reader

3. Dyson Bladeless Fan

4. Iphone 3GS : still the Gold standard

5. Canon EOS-1D Mark IV camera

6. Dell’s superthin Adamo XPS laptop

7. Fujifilms’s 3D W1: digital pics n 3-D

8. Casio’s GW7900B-1 watch

9. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones

10. Panasonic G10 HDTVs.

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