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The Luxury Brands in Hong Kong 2009

Luxury Brands in Hong Kong

Recently one of my Malaysian Friend told me that he had an unpleasant treatment by Flag Ship Shop of Louis Vuitton.
He asked the pretty sales lady how much is that bag displaying in the corner and the lady said , please wait for a while!” …actually she went away to welcome the incoming crowd of Chinese …

He said that he was being handled improperly and he was very much in dismay, I told him that next time Do not ask how much for the bag, but instead How many they have in Stock~?

This is an episode happening in the market of Hong Kong, Do not blame the sales as she might be really too busy, or she might be forget to come back to my friend, or she is really needed to entertain this Chinese who never ask price but holding bundles of Cash for the bag…

The Sales lady earns by commission, but, to certain extend they should not treat customer this way, as we should every customer the same kind of respect…and Courtesy!

In the 80-90’s The most powerful buyer is Japanese, and now we can see that is Chinese.

The World has changed, as the sales team had to learn how to Speak Japanese, but now if you do not know how to speak Mandarin, you might lose your customers.

So if you do not know how to pronounce it , we may have to learn it next time you go to the store, may be we will be gaining a bit more respect… when there is no Chinese Customer!

Ann Demeulemeester 1980 Belgium
Anna Sui 1991 USA
Audemars Piguet 1875 Switzerland
Burberry Prorsum 1856 England
Cartier 1847 France
Chanel 1909 France
Clede Peau
Comme Des Garcons 1969 Japan
Frank Muller 1991 Switzerland
Gianfranco Ferre 1974 Italy
Givenchy 1952 France
Gucci 1921 Italy
Hermes 1945 France
Issey Miyaki 1970 Japan
Junya Watanabe 1993 Japan
Lanvin 1923 France
Laura Mercier 1996 France
L'occitane 1976 France
Louis Vuitton 1854 France
Mihara Yasuhiro
Panerai 1860 Italy
Patek Phillippe 1851 Switzerland
Piaget 1874 Switzerland
Roger Dubuis 1980 Switzerland
Rolex 1905 Switzerland
Salvatore Ferragamo 1927 Italy
Shu Uemura 1983 Japan
Tsumori Chisato 1990 Japan
Vacheron Constantin 1755 Switzerland
Versace 1978 Italy
Yohji Yamamoto 1981 Japan
Yves Saint Laurent 1962 France

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