Monday, September 15, 2008

The best Roasted Goose

Some fact about roasted goose:

Left leg is better than the right, as I was told that the goose used to stand with the right leg.. and hence the left leg is tender and more tasteful!

Sham Tseng's roast goose is history since Hong Kong is nbot allowed to raise goose. Now, all the goose are imported from ShenZhen.

Yung Kee is famous, but three times out of four, you can not get the good goose, probably those good one are reserved by those movie stars and tycoons. The resaurant is too noisy and crowded, even the best goose will not trigger you taste buds.
House of Jasmine in Ocean Centre 401 is so far the best for goose. They open Jan 2008. The environment is very apprealing, sea view if you want. open air...if that is not too hot ...Autumn will be the best season for their goose...and a bottle of wine! On their other hand, they have charming beautiful people serving you...
Lokie and Grace are both great beauties, talkative, has sense of humour, and very good in servicing you! Larry, Henry and manager Polly are very good in treating you well...too!

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