Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hong Kong Enters Seasonal Greetings!

Starting Mid November each year, major Shopping Centres, Commercial Buildings, banks and Hotels would be beautified themselves with lot of Lights and electronics animations for welcoming the Christmas and New Year. When the weather becomes colder as It was tenth of year before, the hawker would apprear in major hot spot area for selling the Chestnuts, by then we knew the Winter is coming. In this year, we can see the Chestnuts, but the cilmate is not cold at all. Can We officially saying that We have no more Winter in Hong Kong?!
In my wardrobe, I had no more sweater or thick jackets, as we hardly could feel that "Cold" as It was 30 years ago. In fact we have lost the Winter already due to the global Warming, or I should say "Global Warning"
HK Snob.

These are some of the pictures taken by one of our Friends Kim Chan, an amatuer Photographer!

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