Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can Do Spirit of HK

"Can Do"

A Chinese-derived expression much admired by Japanese business executives is Juunansei, (a kanji or "borrowed character") which translates as flexibility, or more broadly in English as a "can do" approach to negotiating and operating. A recently-published Japanese think-tank analysis of Hong Kong's attractiveness as a business centre identified this "can do" element as a vital ingredient.

It's also an expression that is translating into practical business success for Japanese firms arriving in Hong Kong. There's no coincidence that these companies have each adopted a strategic approach to entering the Chinese mainland – and for this purpose using Hong Kong as a key to unlocking opportunities, often in conjunction with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone across the boundary.........

We have been using this slogan of “Can Do” spirit since 2000, we product involving R&D, Design, manufacturing and servicing in the Semiconductor assembly equipment. This product profilio lies from low end Aluminum wedge bonder of USD25,000.00, typical mid level die bonder for LEDs of USD150,000.00 to a Camera Module assembly in line system of USD1,200,000.00 high value product. Well, it is a complex world of competitivess, competition, technology benchmarking, local copy cat that bits our market share using stolen intelligence properties from us! Sophisticated customer expectation with up-coming of new process that drive you crazy to shorten the product development cycle time. A typical product development start from Conceptual design to mature bug free product for delivery to customer aiming of a plug and play runs in less than 1.5 years!
We do not have any luxury anymore as ten years ago!

The spirit of Can Do goes in par with the typical Hong Kong People work eithics….
We have no resources like petroleum, land, water, nor heavy industrial back bone. We have only dynamic people who are having adaptive street smarts and energetic effort driving for better result. Our Education level is not the highest in Asia, fall behind Japan and Singapore. English is not as common and as proficient as Sinagpore, may be a bit better thah Japan and some part of China. The container harbour was once the biggest in the world on 2006 and 2nd behind Singapore in 2007, has already been overtaken by Shenzhen Yin Tian of China now. The airport is the world largest in term of cargoes tonnage in 2007, but in the process of renovation for better efficiency or will be tarnished as compared with Singapore or Frankfurt’s.

We have been named as world financial centers as New York, Tokyo and London.
China is supplying Hong Kong quietly and honesty in the past 50 years, we have fresh water supply from China in 1970, food stock and poultry were all imported from China.
When we have SARS in 2003, China shipped 20 millions of mask to Hong Kong by air in a couple of days When the Olympian Games came to an end all the gold medalist went to Hong Kong immediate the week after for demonstration show before their fans in Hong Kong. Blood is thicker than water. This is a way that we should contribute when China needs us…and this is one way to can show Can Do to maintain the glory of the Pearl of China.

The Can Do starts from a reform of our culture fro Traditional Confucian to these new ideas of independence and industrialization. We need to have to tell the other people that we can be better in order to maintain the position of job in a company, we have to show to our friend that we have achieved what we should have in term of economic achievement, social exposure, we are not loser in front of Giant and at we feel no fear in fighting with enermy for our national esteem.

Self esteem is one of the driver for Can Do, when you are facing with 1,000 people before the speech, you have to recall all your rehearsal and run though in your mind one again, make a deep berth and speak it out, watch out for the response and to be synchronized wah the audience.

Can do is a proactive slogan, that is a spirit, and of course nothing isn’t “Can do!” But it would help push the People to the limit on the psychological side to pursue for better result. And to offer customer satisfaction in our department of marketing! In my philosophy, Customer will buy from because of you first then your product!
It is not my word but thousand of successful marketing and management gurus.

It is a way to promote the righteous spirit of odor subordinate. And they will one day suing the same method for driving their colleagues and their subordinates.

The Can Do is not just a along now in our company but it has been transplanted as heart pulsar in every one’s heart of us in the Company.
This goes with 120% effort and we are sure that we are doing a lot more than 120% for some of our colleagues….

Now the US economy is dropping…. Leeman Brothers, AIG….

I often tell myself: It is always darkest before day dawn!

20 Sep 2008 1252.


Anonymous said...

What's your definition for 120% effort?
How you measure effort?

Fever Ip said...

When you superior asks you to perform a sales forcast for next quarter, you have to add another sales amount of 12%.
As for the sales return, of course that will be also 12% or more. or your effort will not be qualified as 120%.
If you can not get the sales revenue 120%, So next time you should say no if you superior advised you that your salary is adjusted 12% more than last year.
beacsue you shoud be feeling shame to get that award.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.
How about non-sales staff in your company?
How are they measured for 120%?