Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enjoy Your Job!

When people resigns, there must had certain reason.

From my experience as service manager for 12 years, these are some of the excuses they told me.

He could not go on trip too frequently.

They do not know when the assignment could be completed and come back HK.

Some one told me that he has no time with girl friend.

They can not carry on further study as they are not in HK.

They thought they are underpaid.

One can not see the career path, he could not see when he could be a service manager or able to be a manager within say 5-10 years.

They are being ignored in the company.

They want to change to other job in the company.

They compared their income with other departments, found out that they are being underpaid!

They did not like the boss’s management style.

There is no travel allowance.

Plus other 50 reasons….
Look at this lady…something we should learn from her.  She enjoys the job!

HK Snob

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