Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love is Trivial Comedy made up of important Tragedies

Love is the trivial comedy made of important tragedies.

This is my word to describe so call love…I have been graduated in Technical school, I was addicted to wireless and building of audio amplifier when I was studying.

I had no chance to meet any girl due to my inward character, I decided to leave this little city and explore the world by traveling through working on board a merchant vessel.

That three years work on ship brought me a lot of interesting experience. I had been to 60 cities in 20 countries. From Vancouver of the East, South of Brisbane, West to the St. Vincent Islands and North to Rostock of East Germany, (Iit was 1983 well before the Berlin Wall was demolished, so Rostock was in East Germany.)

I started writing with pen pal when I was on the ship and I had more than 14 pen pals at same time, amongst them I fell in love with one of the Thai lady. She was tall, sweet, young and able to speak very good English… I saw her in Bangkok in 1984 and decided to marry her immediately… we had a very. good time, and probably the best time in my life as I stayed in Thailand for two years with her no work… I thought that I understood woman but somehow that marriage last for 10 years only, I had the first baby. Now she is grown up and she is the best student in the University, I love her as I need to compensate for the time I did not stay with her and she is my Baby!

My second one is also a Thai; I met her since I separated with the first one. Well; she gave me one of the best beautiful daughter I can think of…

All in sudden another lady came in sight of me and I could not resist her charms, tall, sweet, lager round eye does seem to belong to Chinese. Speak softly with certain magic sexy voice. A straight nose that keeps telling me that she is so different with most of the woman in town…

Time will tell as all kind of goodness and sweet memories has gone. People will change or may be I had changed…. All in sudden there is no contact each other, no reply of her SMS.

Well, again there seems another one is appearing in my society…. She is taller than I, slim with pair of long legs and pretty body… a kind of nose and face profile that she is signified as a minority races of China… man,,,, I am 50… should this be my last romance…!?

As I always telling to the young kids…. Woman is like water… a kind of trouble water…. When it is cold it frozen it self and when there is heat, she evaporates and disappears.

We have to maintain her at certain temperature that feel her "Hot" but not to a level for evaporation! That is difficult! That is impossible, so if you find that you are in Love, please treasure this precious moment, though you and she are acting and as I believe there is few true love… Love is Once in a Blue Moon!

Man, if your are single, I am sure you are the most happiest man! And if you married once your shoulder will be loaded with 50Kg, 100Kg for Twice… how many Kilograms you can stand!?

HK Snob

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