Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advice to the bachelor

Love is a trivial comedy made up of important tragedies.

It does not matter whom you marry with, as they are all different after wake up!

Don’t be silly that there is love; they are only trades of family relation and stock for your hope tomorrow.

Is she the ultimate one!? Did you even watch another girl when you with her? If yes, you are not in love, but only some kind of man's need.

Did you ever think of having baby with her? If yes, Congratulations, you may be in love with her 90%, still 10% you want to make baby with other girl...

So before you marry, think three times, one after 1 year... after 3 years, review it again... For another cooling period of 10 months, if she is still waiting for you... You should consider her for the marriage!

I do not need to share with those Married guys, as it is too late!


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