Friday, December 25, 2009

Hong Kong People

There are a lot of things we should alert as we see a lot of people doing things differently as we were 25 years ago.
We value people who care about other and who pay respect to the elderly, who nods his head when seeing you in the office. Say “good Moring” as simple as that, do you find this kind of general courtesy has been losing its popularity?
Hong Kong, it is common to see people tend to queue in a Bank or MTR station for ticket verification or topping up with their Octopus cards. But …

These are my finding; the figure my personal feeling. But roughly it indicates the picture of it...
1. More than 90% of people will not follow the traffic light day time and probably 99% after midnight.

2. More than 50% of the people do jaywalking across the road.

3. Less than 50% of coming hiker initiatively says “Hello” or “Good morning” to you on the Hill.

4. More than 90% of the people presses the Lift Button whilst it has been pressed and being light up ( from The electrical circuit and electronic logic, once you press the button, it trigger a flip-flop logic circuit and it starts the software routine command the lift to come to your floor, indication is usually a pilot lamp being light up after the button is pressed Once. From an Electrical circuitry analysis, keep on pressing more than once does not speed up the Process of the lift travelling speed. If you can find a newer Lift software or model which does speed up with a proportion to the number of time of pressing the button, please let me know)

5. Parents seem do not stop his naughty kid fooling around in the carriage of MTR like tube dance, playing gymnastic on the rest bar

6. 70% of the people are either sleeping or resting with closed eye in the morning going to work Monday Morning in MTR. They have had a long night on Sunday... and they are general "Very Tired"!

7. 30% of the people s ether watching free newspaper, 20% of the people Playing PSP and or hand phone in MTR. Less than 5 percent people reading novels, Times, or Newsweek, I have not seen a single person carry or reading Reader’s Digest for years.That has been the most popular magazine 25 years ago. Now the Most Popular magazine is "TV News"!

8. They used all kind of low quality digitized song as their ring tones, that kind of digital noise can easily kill a mosquito or even rat in the MTR. This is so called Hong Kong "Noise".

9. 90% of the people do not offer seat to the older people or pregnant people. They Pretend not aware of it.

10. Less than 0.01% of Hong Kong people carry a handkerchief.

11. 90% of flapper, OL and lady below 70 years old has changed colour of their hair, Do not know what Black Hair beauty really looks like…

12. 90% of man calls his wife “mother” and “son “younger Brother” , woman calls his husband “ father” and daughter “ elder sister” or “younger sister”. Make me confused!

13. 99% of Hong Kong people have never say “ I love you” to their Mother? 99.9% of the man has kissed his mother in the past ten months.

14. 90% of man talks about dirty jokes about woman during lunch time and bluff their performance in bed, but many of them are having no sexeperience at all.

15. 80% of Hong Kong Male Salesman smokes, 60% of Hong Kong Saleswoman smokes

16. Less than 40% woman wear skirt to work.

17. Less than 10% of man actually cleans their shoe before leaving for work. ( I do not have data for the one has house keeper(s))

18. 99% of HK People not preferred to walk up stair in MTR station if there is an electric escalator nearby. Unless the escalator is jammed with people or under repairing.

19. Rushing for seat in the terminus is accepted as general practice of HK people.

20. The popular drinks on board CX is Orange Juice, Apple juice and if no choice than take the water. As most of the HK people is like me “a Snob”… Cheap water?…no..!

21. 25 years ago, number of single man is more than single woman by 5%, woman is the chooser, so 5% of man would have to go China looking for wife as China is a big market of young beautiful and easy going woman and they seemed like to marry a “rich” HK man.

Now, the number of single woman is more than that of man, reason is more educated woman tends to stay single for longer and pass over the age for marriage, more and more mainland China woman using fake marriage to come and stay in Hong Kong.

Nowadays, the single woman tends to go China to marry a man as the Chinese Man is in average "Richer" than Hong Kong man…

As the old Chinese says, “ The World is Round!”

22. 99.8% of the people travelling overseas for shopping, eating and nightlife. Less than 0.1% of the people had experience in visiting the museum, classical music concert, and Library! and likely 0.1% of the HK People is doing day dreaming overseas.

23. 99% of Hong Kong young man have not ever listened to any of the music Reproduction from Vinyl.

24. 80% of the Hong Kong young man do not ever seen an actual LP (vinyl)

25. 98% of the Hong Kong man do not know Twins, Eason Chan, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung havce Had their song made in Vinyl format in the past 1-2 years.

26. 99.99% of HK man thinks Digital music is more attractive than Analogue music Reproduction.

27. In Hong Kong, Only One Man uses a mammoth Sony Walkman WM-D6C when he travels. Likely you know he is the only stubborn die hard analogue maniac! He Must not know there is something called MP3!

HK Snob.


Johnny said...

Good stuffs - what a observation of our HKG people.

Johnny Tang

Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

Can I have some update from you on your country in similar respect!?

HK Snob

Feverip said...

Hi Johnny

Only few people knows what 73 and 88 ia all about now!

Thanks again on your comment!?