Thursday, December 25, 2008

What do I miss in Christmas?

Pat, I know you are watching my blog, I miss you who is No. 1 student since secondary, university...I am very proud of you, GPA4.0!! Keep it up!

Probably Poo who is so important in my life who gave birth to the smartest daughter Pat.

Probaby my father who taught me man should have "Bone Gas" a Cantonese meaning "Be a Man" and how to make ourseleves strong by martial art practice. I have took Leica to a teacher of "Wing Chun" a few years back, but she was refusing to learn... I wish Pat some how can arrange some time to learn and practise. This as kind of very swift, invincible Martial arts does not teach you how to flight but how to be a humble man, woman...and defend when our lives are endangered!

Pat, you grand grandfather is a stronge man from Shude, a place of wealth and prosperity in 19th century, the same place as Bruce Lee is from. Your Grand Grand pa had four wives... and you are belonging to the youngest wife...who gave birth to your grandpa, that is my father...

Pat , no matter how you are when you grow up, you can not forget your father, grand fathers stories...and do not foreget you have 49% of Chinese blood, well, I respect Poo, as you might have 51% of hers...

As you have acquired more knowledge, you will be able to tell how insufficient you are in the knowledge!

Probably my mother who is old but strong, and yet tender in her heart, always gives me surprise to bring me money from her empty pocket, I admire her...

You know she swims every morning for the past 30 years!

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