Saturday, December 6, 2008

Perfect Hong Kong People

Hong Kong People is not happy as we hardly can see a smile from the face of the Hong Kong people! Did you? If you see a lady smilling at you when you come to walk in the street, then I would rather suggest you to run away from her. As she may be either crazy or had a pistol in her hand to rob you, if not then she might be the Sales for some kind insurance of some kind of skimming body...guess what?
With this Economy tsunami, you would expect anyone would smile at you in Hong Kong?

Financial situation
Most of the average man had already suffered! Everyone can see blood on their necks, no matter a deep or light cut. They are bleeding! Middle class people has to pay tax beginning of Jan 2009.

Big Corporation
Many companies start the job cut in Hong Kong, no matter they have made Billions of proift in last year.

Taxi Drivers

There are turmoil of Green taxis that would dare to use their taxi block the way from HKIA to the town for rebut on the new fare charging scheme of Red taxi. Yesterday news saying that they would put more taxi in the major bottleneck of the HK traffic black spot such as Cross harbour tunnel... Luckily they didn't!

Sex Life
You know that Hong Kong has an average 3.1 times sex in a month from a recent statistics?

The percentage of have sexual orgasm from this 3.1 times/month, a rough figure without any support from any Statistical data. May be less than 1, so base on this data an average man would have only One Orgasm in a month. How can they be happy!?

Mental Health condition
40% of the Hong Kong man had to see psychaitrist regularily.

Top killer
7,000 people would get killed a year because of smoking!

Young smoker
More and more young ladies are addicted to smoking!

Are you one of the above? If not then, probably you are the perfect People of Hong Kong!


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