Friday, December 19, 2008


Motorola once was the big brother for Mobile communication technology leader.

I still have the star TAC II hand phone, though it was expensive, short battery life, and clumsy, they were the best in terms of reliability, ergonomics and performance. At that time 1983-1993, we used Motorola only! Seems that there was no so many choice at all in the market.
With the emerge of Ericsson and Nokia in the past 15 years, Motorola mobile phone was no longer the leader in terms of sales revenue, technology and user friendliness.
Until recently, Motorola's handset business accounted for 50 percent of revenue and profits. The division lost $388 million last quarter, through. And Motorola's fallen to a distant third behind Samsung and market leader Nokia in the world's mobile phone market.

Recently they have lay off 3,000 staff and CEO Greg Brown had initiated cut 25% of his salary.

Motorola’s announcement has lead to speculation that Motorola may even sell its mobile phone business off to a third party. One analyst estimates the unit could fetch Motorola as much as $8 billion.

Attached is the Aura, probably a white elephant and hope not a swan song for Motorola! It is selling at around HKD14,000 in Hong Kong. It is not expensive but with the limited basic function, I do not think that it will crate a sales hit wave in HK. Seems that they do not know what we are looking for.

I am working on a revolutional Handphone design of my own and once it has been completed and patent filing, I shall share with you!


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