Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ampzilla II

Ampzilla II was one of the famous power amplifier in 1978... I had a chance to see it in Mongkok, but no chance listening to it...
You know if you asked the sale man to switch on for you; you may have to go through a series of tough questions...started with an easiler question first:

1. What kind of music you like most for testing?
2. How about "Lee Oskar"s' I remember Home (a Peasant's Symphony)?
This was the most Popular test LP in 1976, , other than this, mostly , will be Hotel California!
3. What kind of power amplifier are you using? - to understand your buying power
4. What kind of cartridge and Turntablle you wnat to buy next?- To undersatnd your taste.
5. What is your experience in loudspeaker selection? - to understand your music preference!

They were trying to probe you and see how to humilating you if you were like me, poor and dressed like a student!

At that time being a green horn for Vinyl lover, I had hard time to ask them... just wait for some tycoon or Low Ban (boss) to instruct them to... then swiftly I would move in and occupied a sweet point to listen... all I could do was to wait for such a chance...
Ampzilla II Specifications:
Power Output
200 W rms @8 ohms @less than 0.05% 20Hz to 20KHz360 W rms @4 ohms @less than 0.15% 20Hz to 20KHz
Total T.H.D. & I.M. Distortion 8 ohms less than 0.05%
Frequency Response and power bandwidth at rated power 0.12Hz to 20KHz - 0.1 dB @8 ohms
Damping factor >150@20Hz to 1KHz
Input sensitivity : 1.6 Volts RMS for full power output
Input Impedance: 75K ohms
Slew Rate 50V/uS
Noise >-100dB
Size : 445mm(W)x178mm(H)x229mm(D)
Weight : 59 LBS
Production History:
Introduced in 1977
Original Retail Price: $1,350

Ampzilla was created by world famous designer, James Bongiorno in 1974.
The pictures are shown in sequencial order James Bongiorno, Ampzilla II, Ampzilla 2000...

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