Friday, December 12, 2008

Job Cut

Citigroup had announced that they will cut 53,000 Job world wide.

GM has cut 120,000 job since 2006.

HSBC cut job 600 in November 2008 in Hong Kong.

Mercedes Benz has closed 2 of the truck factories.
Volvo cut 2000 jobs in Oct.

DBS bank cut 900 jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong
two EMS companies have lay off at least 100,000 staff in two locations in China.

K & S to cut 240 Nov 2008 approx 9.6% of the jobs.

This terrible thing is going on.

Just Like Citigroup's slongan " Citi Never sleep"...

Well, the economy crisis will drive the CEO crasy .... how can they have time to sleep...?
US is still struggling on whether they will support those three big automobile giants, if the bailout is not approved, there will be 2nd round of Tsunami coming from US to the other part of the World!


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