Monday, December 15, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This tiny place used to have a lot of dynamics, prosperosity, dreams, because we are brought up by the Britsih Government who taught us to work hard, work smart, be innovative or we would have not be suvived. As this llittle place has no natural resources at all.
Hong Kong has been supported by the China on water, live stock, food, political stability is maintained, we are offered CEPA, and open for Chinese to visit Hong Kong with minimum visa application fomalities for many cities...
Lehman Brothers triggered this economy meltdown...

A lot of bad news spreading everyday...AIG, Citigroup, Layoffs, Hang Seng index-Dow Jones- Nikkei fell 60% in three months....
The days are dark, more and more bad news are coming from most of the economics analysts,

But, I think that people still have to work, eat and sleep. I am sure one day the new light will shine starting from one point or the other, may be it will bring some big good news from China, USA...whatever...Let's be optimistic!

It is darkest before day dawn!

Wear a simle and this would bring us laughters, happiness, not just ourselves, but someone who receive this...


We understand who are your real friend, and who are bad. Who is your trustful financial partner and who are the CEO --Chief Embezzlement Officer and who is your CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer. And Most of all, we understand what cash flow means -- The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

We have learn to be smart and no one is able to rob your money away!

Afterall, I do not have been affected anything at all, as I was broke before I was borne!


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