Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ship

The ship is proably the most economical, powerful in terms of cargo capacity, effective tool for shipment. Imagine that the containers ship can carry 5,000 containers each 40 feet long.

A 10,000 Tons General Cargo ship can be converted to carry Automobile of some what 400 Camry! A professionl car carrier or roll on roll off can carry 5,000 car in one time.

A 40,000 ton bulk carrier can ship wheat good enough for the consumption of a city like Tianjin for 6 months!

A 80,000 ton bulk carrier has an anchor with a weight of 20 tons. The main shaft of the ship is having a diamter of 1.5 metre! It burns more than 1 ton of oil in one hour! What kind of milleage is this? Comparing with your Ferrari F4 or Porche GT2?

A crude oil tanker of 100,000 tons can not be loaded in the tanks at the two extreme ends of the ship. This would cause a tragedy happened in Holland some time 1983 as the computer gone wrong and the weight of the oil that actually cracked and broke the ship into two pieces. And this was a court case for the next 5 years as the oil contamination caused Billions dollars loss to the wharf and city of Amsterdam!


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