Monday, December 29, 2008

Counterfeit Transistor, Capacitors, Hi Fi Audio, Hand phone....

I have seen a big black huge Amplifier and was brought up to the shop for checking up in Ap Liu Street, that was a Preamplifier with 19" rack, black, written on the front panel the brand name " Quintenssence". It had only one power switch and one volume, weight is about 1.5kgf!

Whilst the shop repair man opened the covers and showed to the owner of the amplfier.
I was there to witness, I saw a small piece of PCB with size of 1.5" x1.5" mounted at the centre.

The board was some kind fo FR2 low cost single layer PCB board.
A simple transformer of the size of a 8 heads-abalone.... a bridge rectifier and two smoothing capacitors of 1,000 MFD each...

I saw that there were two tiny Op-amps on the PCB, a few resistors and some capacitors, obvious that they were not those expensive high precision component. I noticed that the surface marking on the Op-Amp had been milled off, so no one who tell what kind of "Expensive Op-amp" that could be...

The problem is no sound output on one channel...

Well, at this point of view that was a" Made in USA" amplifier with HKD4,000.00 in the year of 1979....

The owner said the sound was OK....If that is OK that meaned the marketing was doing good, as If I used the same material to re-build that amplifer by myself, I think I could made it with HKD120.00!
Probbably sound the same or even better!
I did no believed that Op-amp is not a special ASIC IC at that time. Probably that is a hi grade LM741 Op-amp, that was about HKD15,00 a piece!

The shop owner and myself kept quiet and not to make the owner embrassed., he seemed did not know any electronics at all!

Obviously that was some kind of underground fake amplifer using the same name of the orginal. Well we can see a lot of fake hand phone, like Nokai, Sony Ericsoon, even the Aiphone. But 30 years ago some master had already been working a pro in this fake business...

Nowadays, there are fake Ferrari, Fake Transistor, Fake capacitor, fake vacuum tubes, fake transfomer, Fake LEDs, Fake maiden head! fake watches, bag, soya sauce, egg, tea, Canned Luncheon pork, coffee, almost everything... can be FAKE!
Man, take care that you wife is a man!! High possibility if she/he is not fertile!

We need some wisdom and knowledge to select and buy any product in the market!
Top : The one on left is fake On TO3 power transistor
2nd : fake Rubycon Capacitor using 2,200 uF as a 6,800 uf - Profit margin is 60%!
3rd : MJ15003 connecting two smaller chips as one

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