Thursday, December 11, 2008

The EV Car in China

There is change in USA in these darks day of economy, the new US presidency will raise the tax to the middle class and the rich, they will create 2.5 millions jobs in 2009. They will remove the troops in Iraq 20090-2012 gradually. They will promote Green industry. Same pace as with China.

I am speculate that these are good changes.... I am looking good for EV car in China and I can speculate it will bring us some new hope!

USA will support the GM, Ford and Chrysler with 26.2B with condition that they have to design better efficient car with Electricity or more efficient engines. And I know that USA does not have any EV car at all so far, as matter of fact, GM abolished the EV car programme in 1990.

Only Japan and China has electric car or Hybrid version. Company Like BYD is the leading company investing on the studies and manufacturing in battery, a few year back they have built millions of battery a month for the hand phone company. The ultimate goal for industry sector is car manufacturing.

I forecast China will announce that they will launch promotion and tax exemption programme for supporting the city building with electrcity charging supplies spots.
They are planning to go form programme, legal rule, industrial room and city regulations as China announce that they will have 40% of car powered Electric by 2021 next year.

Do not overlook this opporunity in China for your next investment.


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