Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smokers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 670,000 smoker, After Tsang Chun Wah raised the tax of additional approx. HKD8.00 a packet of cigarette. We speculate that there will be 134,000 people consider to quit smoking.

Thanks Mr. Tsang...! That is probably the one thing I appreciate for these 134,000 people's health and my health. As less 134,000 people smoke every day, Probably I can have a bit more fresher air in this hasty foggy city of the Oriental Black Pearl!

I still remembered how arrogant that he reacted on our request of Government officials to to reduce their salary in a conference last week...with this kind of answer and disregard on our request...

Is we are not entitled no benefit in this financial plan together with the other Hong Kong Grass Root citizens! I am npt happy with it.
My expectation is:
Government officer currecntly having salary >HKD 150,000.00 a month should have their pay cut min. 20%. Salary between HKD100,000 to 150,000 less 15%. Salary between 80,000-10,000 less 10%. Salary between 50,000-100.000 less 5%. Salary all below HKD50,000.00 should be encourage to be increased as a symbolic percentage 3%!

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